Commons Club’s Uncommon Burger Recipe

Commons Club Uncommon Burger Recipe
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Many of us are looking for productive and creative ways to pass the time during these uncommon days. Along with the obsessive hand-washing and cabin fever the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a whole new whack of awkward interpersonal scenarios that we’re doing our best to navigate. Here at Virgin Hotels Chicago, Executive Chef Moosah Reaume from Commons Club shares with us how to make the juicy and delicious Uncommon Burger that we all miss and crave.

Commons Club’s Uncommon Burger Recipe

For the Branston Special Sauce

3 tbsp   Red wine vinegar
1 tbsp   Water
2 oz      Branston relish or sweet relish
1 oz      White miso
1ea       Egg yolk
1.5 oz   Dijon mustard
4 oz      Sunflower oil or canola
1 oz      Extra virgin olive oil
2 tsp     Calabrian chili oil
17 oz    Heinz ketchup
1 oz      Calabrian chili (Finely Minced)
2 tsp     Agave

Combine 1st set until evenly incorporated and smooth. Slowly add in the 2nd set until emulsified. Fold in the 3rd set.

Yield: 1 Quarts

For the Onion Jam

1 stick   Unsalted butter
1 lb       Yellow onions, medium dice
2 oz      Honey
2 tbsp   Sherry vinegar
1 tbsp   Kosher salt
2 tsp     Ground black pepper

Melt the butter, add the 2nd set and cook on medium heat stirring occasionally until caramelized. It should look almost emulsified and like a jam.

To Build the Burger

2 ea      3oz Grass-fed ground beef balls
1 ea      Sliced white cheddar or American cheese
2 ea      Slices cooked thick cut bacon
1 asn    Burger sauce
1 asn    Caramelized onions
1 ea      Rye burger bun

Season the burger balls salt & pepper all around. Then set aside


Take a cast iron griddle plate or a thick base sauté pan and then make sure you have it on high heat drizzle a little clarified butter. Next take the burger balls and smash them flat and thin, because they will shrink to the proper size of the bun when your cooking. Cook until crusty on the first side—shouldn’t take too long. Flip over and top with bacon, tear them so that they will fit on top of each patties. Then, top with onions on both patties and add cheese. Remove from stove and set aside. After take the bun and toast the inside in the same pan with all the fat and juices. Lastly remove and build your burger. While building your burger make sure to put sauce on both insides of the bun. The messier the better. Plate and indulged.


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