Beginner’s Tips on Starting Your Own Vegetable Garden

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The days are officially getting longer and spring is finally here which means it’s time to get your home garden going! Growing your own veggie patch is rewarding, healthy and fun. But it can be daunting not knowing how and where to start. We’ve interviewed Chef Moosah from Commons Club at Virgin Hotels Chicago to shares his tips on starting your very own garden.


Consider Weather & Season

“Examine the weather in your city before gardening. I highly recommend not planting before Memorial day if you’re located in the Midwest. As many of you know, weather in the Midwestern varies dramatically from state to state and season to season. Without any oceans nearby to moderate the changing temperatures, summers in the region can be brutally hot, while winters can be cold. Therefore, it is important to carefully select the right date and season to garden. Another get tip is to plant herbs in pots so that you can move them inside for the winter.”

Selecting The Right Vegetables

“Knowing where your food came from is just one of the many benefits of home vegetable gardening. I suggest growing vegetables your family will eat and enjoy, verse veggies that nobody in your family likes. Consider planting garlic, onions and chives because insects are not a fan of these. Plus sprinkling coffee grinds around the beds will help to scare insect pests away.”

Water Source

“Think of the source of water you’ll select to water your garden, as there’s many to pick from—a garden hose, soaker hose, sprinklers, etc. You don’t want to have to hand-carry large amount of water a long way. Consider a rain catcher which is a great way to collect rain water. Something I often do, is reuse the water I used to boil or steam vegetables. Once the water has cooled, pour the vegetable water in your garden or planting containers to “fertilize” your plants instead of wasting it.”


“Compost is one of the most important supplement you can give your vegetable garden and it’s environmentally friendly. With just a few kitchen scraps and some patience, you can have the happiest veggie garden. I personally encourage everyone to make your own compost at home, however you need the proper vessels and space. You can also purchase compost at your local gardening store. Ensuring the compost stabilizes for at least three weeks before using.”

Additional tips include, soak seeds in warm water one day before planting; for extra help, plant flowers that pollinate so it attracts bees. More importantly, give plenty of love to your plants by talking to them, they’ll help keep your sanity and provide lots of joy.

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