7 Action Items to Celebrate Earth Day

7 Action Items to Celebrate Earth Day
Good for People, Good for Planet
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7 Action Items to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 and more than 50 years later it’s spurred the modern day environmental movement mobilizing over 1 billion people committed to the future of our planet. Earth Day 2021 is celebrated April 22 with the theme Restore Our Earth. We’re thinking of the day as an annual reminder of what we can do all year long to fight climate change and environmental disaster to ensure this beautiful planet’s sustainability for generations to come. Read on for a few easy ways you can celebrate.

Attend Earth Day Live

As the world slowly returns to normal with the vaccine rollout under way, Earth Day’s official festivities remain digital. You can tune in online to stream Earth Day Live starting at noon ET on Thursday, April 22 for workshops, panel discussions and special performances focusing on innovative thinking to restore the world’s ecosystems, including green technologies, regenerative agriculture and environmental justice.

Become a citizen scientist

The next time you’re out for a walk or a bike ride, come equipped with the Global Earth Challenge app. With it, you can capture research quality data on air quality, plastic pollution and insect population that scientists can use to better understand and protect nature. The app will also give you tailored suggestions for how to take environmental action in your community.

Pledge to vote for the planet

Your vote is your voice. Make sure you’re registered to vote and research the candidates at the local, state and national level whose policies are aligned to combat climate change.

Clean up your local community

Whether you live in a city, a suburb or by the coast, get out into your community to clean up your neighborhood, local park or beach. You can volunteer with community organizations like Surfrider, neighborhood groups or organize your own clean up day with family and friends.

Take action on plastic pollution

One of the biggest polluters of our planet is plastic and eliminating single use plastic from your daily life is one of the easiest ways to combat it. Carry a reusable metal water bottle instead of buying bottled water at the store. Invest in reusable shopping bags and carry them with you whenever you go to the store. Just say no to plastic straws and opt for sustainable alternatives, like paper or reusable metal straws.

Plant a tree

Deforestation is a major driver of climate change, wreaking havoc on the food supply and habitat for the species of the world. We can play a part in reversing these effects by simply planting a tree, gardening with native plants and flowers to attract pollinators or even adding a houseplant to your own home to improve air quality. For a broader impact, donate to the Canopy Project where every dollar plants a tree around the world.

Shop sustainable fashion

Ditch fast fashion and seek out brands with an ethos for carbon neutral and sustainable practices. When it’s time to clean out your closet, donate your clothes or recycle them, either through retailor programs or community drop off bins. You can also shop vintage whenever possible—you’ll save money, look stylish and reduce waste.


Written by: Shayne Benowitz

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