Behind The Red Door: Jukebox The Ghost

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By Virgin Hotels

#BehindTheRedDoor is Virgin Hotels Chicago’s in-room (or rather, in-bed) artist sessions, all behind that infamous RED DOOR. The only thing better than listening to your favorite artist(s) is watching them in bed….jamming, obviously.

We cozied up with the guys between the sheets as they performed, “Sound of a Broken Heart”.

Session #001
Jukebox The Ghost: Chamber 1203

Jukebox the Ghost, a band of musical survivors, a decade – strong trio that has carefully considered how to make a lasting statement while grinding out more than 150 shows a year. With their new self-titled album, Jukebox the Ghost unmistakably makes that statement… in the form of a big, lovable pop record.

Jukebox 1

Ben Thornewill, Tommy Siegel and Jesse Kristin come hang with us anytime.

EricRyanAnderson_JUKEBOX2014_FINAL-15-495x500 EricRyanAnderson_JUKEBOX2014_FINAL-21-495x500 EricRyanAnderson_JUKEBOX2014_FINAL-20-495x500

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