In The Stars with The AstroTwins

In The Stars with The AstroTwins
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When identical twin sister astrologers share their spot-on predictions, you become a bit mesmerized.

When we had the good fortune (!!) of meeting The AstroTwins, we knew it was meant to be. Ophira and Tali Edut, known as The AstroTwins, are identical twin sisters and professional astrologers. Their spot-on predictions reach millions of people and have appeared as ambassadors for many major brands in the United States. They “bring the stars down to earth” with their unique, practical approach to astrology, and their readings, events, retreats and appearances are in high demand.

We spent some time with the ladies and got to know them in a more AstroStyle way. Enjoy! Don’t miss their May Horoscopes on our blog.

Why Astrology?
Astrology is actually an accidental career for us. We didn’t seek this path, it kind of found us. We first had our chart done as a birthday gift at age 19, which is a map of all the planetary placements at one’s time of birth. The accompanying booklet explained so much! It was eerie, actually, how well it described us — even our quirkier traits like the fact that we can’t be in a room that is poorly decorated or the wrong color (we blame Venus in Scorpio). So we became obsessed and started doing all of our friends’ charts and even guessing random people’s signs at parties. We always loved writing and when a friend connected us to our first astrology column years ago, we couldn’t say no. We’ve been going strong ever since.

Now we know that astrology is the ultimate tool and shortcut to understanding what makes people tick. We think of it as the blueprint to your soul. Knowing those planetary placements is SO helpful in figuring out where to put energy and where blocks may lie. It’s also the best rescue remedy for relationships. Knowing about your partner’s sign can help you be more forgiving and also to understand how to bring out the best.

What fuels your passion?
Empowerment, for sure. We’re inspired by people living lives they love, lighting up with excitement when they realize that it’s okay to be wired just as they are. A planet full of happy, self-accepting people might just be the answer to world peace — and that is our passion.

Where do you find your inspiration?
To really do this job right, we have to constantly keep expanding and pushing ourselves to evolve. We’ve done a lot of self-development workshops, worked with coaches, studied shamanism and Tali goes to Burning Man every year. Both of us have degrees in Fine Art from The University Of Michigan so we get fuel from being creative and hands-on: painting, decorating our homes, treasure hunting for beautiful things. We find inspiration in conversations with friends and family too. We’re intrigued by what makes people tick.

How do you find time to relax?
It ain’t easy but thankfully we are extroverts, so being around people IS relaxing to us. But when we really need to blow off steam, we head to karaoke. We’ve been known to stay at a karaoke bar for 5 hours…usually you can’t drag us out in less than 3.

HR_Tali and Ophira Headshot

 Any advice for girls seeking their passion?
Kill the upspeak — the intonation that sounds like you are ending a sentence with a question mark. (Think Shoshana in Girls.) Let your voice fall assuredly instead, like you’re making a statement. There’s a fear among females of asserting ourselves and saying the “wrong” thing or being disliked. But the uncertainty of upspeak doesn’t convey confidence. As a result, you might not be given a chance to actually show the world how awesome you are.

What makes you laugh?
As writers, we love clever, witty wordplay but nothing cracks us up quite like a good raunchy joke. As kids we used to play quite a game of Madlibs. Those nouns and verbs would make you blush!

What is your go-to mini-bar item when traveling?
We’re bourbon girls these days. Bring on the Old Fashioned’s



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