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What’s Your Sign’s Startup Style? A Zodiac Guide To Getting Off The Ground

Aries: As the first sign of the zodiac, you are the reigning royal of startups! Nothing delights you more than a new idea — and the chance to be the breakout star of a never-been-done-before scheme. But look around: Are those piles of unfinished projects cluttering your basement and spare bedroom? While your ideas are worth their weight in platinum, you need someone who will help you take them to the finish line, like a Sagittarius or Capricorn.

Taurus: Traditional Taurus, you’ll give new ideas a go. But rarely. You’re a money-minded planner who draws from a deep well of common sense. If you’re going to ponder a departure from the security of your 9-5 there better be a hefty payout. Once you’ve crunched all the numbers, read all the case studies and socked away six months of savings, you’ll be good to go. And it’s your very cautious nature that will ensure that you enterprise will be a lasting success.

Gemini: Talking about start-ups is often more interesting to a Gemini than, well, starting ‘em up! You’re a fount of fresh ideas, many which come out of your mouth as mere wisecracks or OMGs. But if a venture capitalist followed you around with a voice recorder, they’d surely make a mint. Stop letting everyone else get rich quick off of your schemes (the ones you had ten years prior). Find yourself a business partner who can pick up the baton. You’re the zodiac’s twin, so splitting the profits is no biggie, especially since you’ll have a larger pie to slice from when you duo with a fellow dynamo.

Cancer: Cautious Cancer, you aren’t wild about the risky business of the start-up world. But you’re happy to play ball if you have funding and a five-year plan that makes sense. And imagine working in your PJs every day? Pure bliss. As the zodiac’s domestic don or diva, a home-based business would make your soul sing arias. Even if you set up an office, it will still have a cozy touch. What can help you get over your start-up shyness is to go into business with close friends or family. Sure, you’ll need to clarify roles with great care. But your inner circle is who you trust most — and their support can help you stay centered when it’s time to take a (gulp) gamble.

Leo: Let’s play! You’re all about start-ups, Leo, mostly because they’re new and interesting and give you a chance flaunt your creative genius. Heck, if you don’t already own a business, you’ve surely parked some domains and registered a couple LLCs in your day. Like fellow fire sign Aries, you love the ideation process — not to mention the initial splurges on packaging, quirky business cards and the entire design process. But in your enthusiasm you can go too big, too soon and burn yourself out. To reach the stars, you need to pace yourself. Strike gold with a single product or project before you add a fragrance, accessory line, album and TV show to the mix.

Virgo: You like things made-to-order and done “just so,” Virgo, so having a start-up just makes sense. When you’re the boss, people have to follow your rules. Sounds like heaven, right? The trouble is, you can be too finicky on the front end, which makes it hard to get your ventures off the ground. Learning to choose your battles is key. Obsessing over the font kerning and paper weight of your business cards is probably less important than, say, getting payroll set up. Having a partner who thinks macro is another solution. That way, you can get into a lather over all those tiny details without worrying about the office erupting in chaos.

Libra: Charming, affable Libra whoever said, “Your network is your net worth” surely had you in mind. Your relationships are the key to your start-up success. And since you always make a point of knowing the right people, you’ll be off and running in no time. But, hello! Attending the right industry events is not going to pay those quarterly taxes! Staying organized and on top of the annoying paperwork is where your sign struggles. Hire a Type A assistant, STAT, and a bookkeeper too. Then, go forth and make your sales calls.

Scorpio: Working tirelessly behind the scenes? That’s what being a Scorpio is all about. So you were pretty much MADE for the start-up world with its demands of devotion and yes, long hours too. As the zodiac’s official control freak, you’re very hands on. This can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you won’t settle for less than a stellar venture. But being SO particular can alienate your team or vendors. Try to soften your edge and lean into a little more of that Scorpio charm. If you do, you’ll have them at hello.

Sagittarius: You dream up business ideas in your sleep, Sagittarius. You’re the zodiac’s entrepreneur, after all. And while they won’t all turn into slam-dunk successes, your optimism and faith will buoy you through the twists and turns. Every “failure” is also a lesson, helping you inch closer to your inevitable goal of signing your own paychecks. Freedom and independence are everything to you, which may be why you’ll never give up the dream of being your own boss. Warning: you can be a gambler who leaps before you look. Pace yourself and don’t rush into deals. You’ll save yourself costly mistakes that way!

Capricorn: You’re the zodiac’s CEO, so owning a start-up is totally in your wheelhouse. But not just any old mom-and-pop-shop. You think BIG business Capricorn, which means you’ve probably drafted an employee org chart before you made your first hire. You tend towards stable and traditional business models with a hierarchical pyramid. (And you at the top, naturally.) Franchising an existing brand is a great way for your sign to take flight if you don’t want to start totally from scratch.

Aquarius: You’re a born idealist who wants to have a positive impact on the world around you. Well, how about voting with your dollar, Aquarius? Conscious, sustainable, and socially responsible businesses are your sign’s domain. Speaking of domains, you’re also the ruler of technology. An online startup could be the way to make your fortune. Be sure to donate a percentage of proceeds to the charity of your choice. As the zodiac’s humanitarian, your generosity also creates good karma for your own endeavors.

Pisces: You’re the zodiac’s dreamer, Pisces, and your best business ideas may come to you in your sleep or while you’re in the shower, stretching in a yoga pose, or jut staring at the skyline. Don’t dismiss these flights of fancy! If anyone could turn a wild hare into a million dollar enterprise, it’s you. But you WILL need a savvy team who can handle the less creative aspects of the game. Also, your startups must have a soulful purpose, since you have a mission to help other people on the planet.




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