Style-Scopes: The Stars of Fashion {quite literally}

Style-Scopes: The Stars of Fashion {quite literally}
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By The AstroTwins; Tali & Ophira Edut

Can the stars predict your style? Absolutely. Our sun sign reveals how we express ourselves in the world and that includes our fashion sense. If your fall wardrobe isn’t quite coming together, perhaps you haven’t been primping by the planets. Our resident astrologers The AstroTwins, reveal your sign’s “astrostyle” with some star-studded wardrobing tips.

The Look: The Edgy Daredevil
As the first sign of the zodiac, you are a natural trendsetter. You love turning heads with bold colors, patterns and materials. Even if you’re rocking the basics, you’ll still pull them together in an unusual way, perhaps pairing a simple tank to with a tutu or a pair of vintage suit pants. Seek out indie-label designers who haven’t been “discovered” quite yet—or dig through the high-end consignment stores for a killer blast from the past. Aries rules the head and face so like Ram Pharrell Williams you could turn a kooky hat into an epic trend or make “go big or go home” your hairstyle’s M.O. As a flamboyant fire sign, you might even opt for shock value like signmate Lady Gaga.
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The Look: The Graceful Classic
Like a classic movie star you trend elegant and dapper. Ruled by luxurious Venus, you’ll spare no expense when it comes to curating a wardrobe. Although you’re not generally flashy (with the exception of your gemstones), you adore fine fabrics and tailored touches. Sometimes you even seem to have fallen out of a bygone, formal era like Tauruses Adele and David Beckham. But there’s a badass in every Bull. Think: signmate Megan Fox A leather motorcycle jacket could be your most fashionable AND functional piece. The throat area is Taurus’ domain so play yours up with a signature necklace, scarf, or tie — or a casually undone top button like signmate George Clooney.

The Look: The Elegant Individualist
Savvy Geminis stay up on the trends and are the first to try a straight-from-the-runway look. (Gemini Kanye West, we’re looking at you.) But since your dualistic sign is both whimsical and practical, you do best when pairing a crisp, classic item like a blazer, tailored pants or button down with a standout stunner. Colors, patterns and prints: You’re not afraid to try them. But like Gemini Angelina Jolie, you can also make a strong statement in head-to-toe noir pieces that are cut in unusual ways. Since your sign rules the hands and wrists, you may pile on rings and bracelets or a watch that is also an investment piece.
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The Look: The Comfortable Sartorialist
Cozy, homeloving Cancers crave comfort from your clothes. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be caught in sweatpants and a Snuggie 24/7. Casual elegance is the name of your game . Opt for fine fabrics that are also silky soft (hello, cashmere sweaters!) and take your best pieces to the tailor to be custom fit. That’s not to say you don’t love your frills too. Cancer women can be uber-feminine in dress, leaning towards lace and ruffles like signmate Lana Del Rey. Since your sign rules the chest area, you might opt for a scoop-neck or open up a couple extra buttons on that dress shirt.

The Look: Flawlessly Fierce
Life is an endless costume party for Leo, the zodiac’s most theatrical sign. When you’re not stepping out in red-carpet style, you still like to make a statement. For some Leos that means rainbow bright colors and prints. Heck, if gold lame fabric was invented for any purpose it was to put a smile on your face. For the less flashy among you, it might be a statement-making T-shirt or an accessory like a hat, watch or charm that evokes curiosity and conversation. You rule the heart and upper back and tend to walk with a proud swagger like signmates Barack Obama and Cara Delevingne. Don’t hide behind oversized clothing. When dressing up, you can slay with a backless gown like Leos Jennifer(s) Lawrence and Lopez. And let’s not forget the power of that lion’s mane!
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The Look: The Clean-Cut Fashionista
Let’s be honest, Virgo: When it comes to fashion, and well, pretty much everything else, you can be a bit of a purist. Clean-cut works well, especially for Virgo guys like Nick Jonas. While you can be frugal you won’t skimp on quality — even your T-shirts are name brand. But your sign gets a truly unfair rap for being boring. Sure, you might have a collection of cardigans and slacks on your hangers, but when it’s time to jazz it up, you aren’t afraid. (Hello Virgos Pink and Wiz Khalifa.) Funky pajama prints or colorful patterns look great on you, especially the jewel tones. Your sign rules the abdomen, so you might rock a belly-baring crop top like Virgo Beyonce. Invest a little more in denim that fits your waist like a glove or a statement belt that gives ‘em some flare.

The Look: The Runway Representative
Well look who fell right out of the pages of a fashion magazine! Libras are the dapper dons and divas of the zodiac. As the sign that rules balance, symmetry is a must. You can pull off the matchy-matchy suits (visualize Libra Snoop Dogg) and ultra-colorful get-ups like Harajuku loving signmate Gwen Stefani without risking a citation from the fashion police. (No doubt because you carefully coordinated the hues.) Ruled by luxury loving Venus, you need a generous wardrobe budget. Either that, or figure out how to become BFFs with your favorite designers like Libra Kim Kardashian. Speaking of the reality star, your sign governs the lower back bum. Don’t be afraid to flaunt the junk in your trunk with curve-hugging ensembles or a snug-fitting pair of pants (paging Libra Zac Efron!).
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The Look: The Seductive Daredevil
Mystical, alluring Scorpio, you love to stir up intrigue — and your clothes are often part of the game. You’re the zodiac’s famed sex symbol, after all. Like signmates Kendall Jenner and Shailene Woodley you might just wear a shorter, tighter version of the basic pieces (Scorpio men favor the fitted T-shirt) and layer with interesting —and often spiritually meaningful —accessories. Since you love a treasure hunt, scouting out one-of-a-kind pieces can be an obsession. Vintage pieces look great on you and you always smolder in black. When it’s time for power-dressing, you clean up well! Like glamorous Scorps Caitlyn Jenner and a suited up Leo DiCaprio, your taste is impeccable. Must have item: a pair of dark-glasses. The eyes are the windows to the soul but you won’t let just anyone peer into yours.

The Look: The Eternal Exchange Student
Backpack? Check. Comfortable shoes? Yep. As the zodiac’s eternal student and jetsetter your wardrobe never quite graduates from university. Athletic gear suits your active sign well, like Sagittarians Jay Z — and with your bawdy sensibilities, you don’t mind tarting it up a bit like Sag Nicki Minaj. But to avoid the rumpled #IWokeUpLikeThis faux pas, you might upgrade to a leather backpack and try clothes made from washable silk or thick cotton that doesn’t wrinkle easily. Since travel is your passion, collect pieces from around the globe: embroidered caftans, guayabera shirts, accessories with spiritual meaning. As the zodiac’s Centaur, your mane can be a major part of your look like Sagittarians Taylor Swift and Brad Pitt whose ‘dos are always evolving.

The Look: The Ambitious Naturalist
Simple and stunning — as an elegant earth sign, you don’t have to try hard to look like a million bucks. You can be a crisp, casual dresser like Caps Zayn Malik and Topshop spokesmodel Kate Moss. Modest, yet sophisticated, you favor fibers that are natural and rich like beautiful undyed wool, organic cotton and thick fleece for your outdoor treks. You’re a natural power-dresser who can work a suit like signmates Kate Middleton and Ryan Seacrest. But being SO buttoned up can bring out the rebel in you. And when it does, you can swing to some fascinating extremes like Capricorns Marilyn Manson and the suited-up David Bowie’s alter ego Ziggy Stardust. Since your sign rules the knees (as well as the skin, teeth and skeletal structure) well-made, comfortable shoes are a must.
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The Look: The Preppy Rebel
Aquarius, you already know that you’re kind of a unicorn. So it follows that you’d be able to pull off an awe-inspiring fashion feat: figuring out how to be both preppy AND utterly unusual all at once. Like Water Bearers Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Aniston you may favor very standard pieces: aviator glasses, jeans, simple sundresses, striped tops. But it’s the way you put them together that wins you points, accessorizing with statement jewelry, killer shoes or an oversized hat a la signmate Amal Clooney. You do the haute hippie thing well too, looking like you’re on an eternal yoga retreat and shamanic journey in boho-chic caftans or flowy pants. As the zodiac’s rebel, there are rockers among you too. Grab the black eyeliner…or guyliner like Aquarius Adam Lambert! Your sign rules the calves and often feel most comfortable baring yours in shorts or a minidress; or, accentuating them with tall boots.

The Look: The Haute Gypsy
Dreamy and romantic Pisces like to go with the flow. With your kaleidoscopic moods, you might even change clothes numerous times a day. (Yes, this is a legit excuse for that shopping, erm, obsession.) Clothes that are too fussy or restrictive won’t stay in your closet for long. But you are a poetic dresser whose outfits are so colorful and original that they are downright enchanting. Much like late Pisces designer Alexander McQueen, you like pieces with a theatrical flair. You’ll spot a needle in the thrift shop haystack or a treasure in an international bazaar that no one else has eyes for. As the sign that governs the feet, the shoes (and socks) always make your outfit.

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