A Drink With Louise Roe

By Virgin Hotels

It’s September and that means one thing: #FashionWeek. In the ever-changing fashion world of what’s new, now, and next, and how to stand out, we were lucky enough to have A Drink With sit down with fashionista, writer and model Louise Roe. With some boozy or not boozy (we won’t tell) milkshakes in Miss Ricky’s, the two chatted fashion, her new book and colors of success. Click here for the full interview.

ADW: As a fashion journalist traveling the world, can you share your biggest travel tips?
LR: Hydrate because it’s extremely dehydrating to be in the air. On the plane from L.A. yesterday my friend saw an avocado in my bag and was confused, but I always travel with one! It’s very nourishing and hydrating to your skin. If you get a horrible airline salad suddenly it’s a bit yummier with an avo in there. It’s just easy to travel with as well. There’s a whole chapter in my new book “Front Roe” where I talk about how to pack, how to lay out your outfits and plan them before you go, as boring as that sounds. If it’s a business trip or a vacation, there is nothing worse than having the perfect dress and handbag but leaving the shoes behind−­­ although, that’s an excuse to go shopping.Untitled-3 Untitled-1ADW: When do you feel the sexiest?
LR: On holiday: sun setting, you’ve a had a day on the beach, without a speck of makeup on, but you have a bit of a tan, some long caftan going on, maybe a cocktail− wearing less. I love getting dressed up for the red carpet, but the real me−sexiest in my head−is definitely that vacation moment chilling out.029A5617 029A5648ADW: You’re visiting Chicago but live in L.A. What do you miss most about your hometown of London?
LR: I obviously miss my friends and family, of course, but perhaps I miss a good pub! I’ve been in L.A. for six years now. London is a very different city. There’s a sort of spirit and soul to London. It’s very animated, it’s older and there’s culture there.029A5593 029A5503ADW: Do you believe that if your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough?
LR: I completely agree with that. I remember I was scared before I moved to L.A. My mum said, “If it doesn’t work out, come home. What’s the big deal?” I think I had psyched myself out so much thinking, “This has got to be it. This is my one shot. I’ve got to go stratospheric.” But it’s not failing [if it doesn’t work out], it’s just trying something that scares you.029A5556029A5659029A5649ADW: If you were granted three wishes, what would they be?
LR: I would probably magic myself to the Maldives for a week or two right now. That would be nice; A little bit of sleep and sunbathing. I would love a talk show. That would be amazing. I just love interviewing people so having lots of fun and great guests. This is going to sound very “World Peace,” or “Miss Universe,” but I would like everyone to be more kind to each other. I also think we’re very hard on ourselves, especially as women. We have very high expectations in all aspects of our lives and we don’t take the time to go, “Actually, I’m kind of awesome and I’m going to pat myself on the back and give myself a break today.” That was a recurring theme when I spoke to women, friends and family. So I would say everyone just be nice to each other!Untitled-2 029A5563




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