Hello New York!

Hello New York!
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The Big Apple just got a little more exciting!
Virgin Hotels New York City Slated to Open in 2018

The Virgin brand’s roots have always been across the pond in the United Kingdom where Richard Branson founded his first company, Virgin Records in the 1970s.  But many of the most successful Virgin companies have been launched in New York City.  In 1984, Virgin Atlantic inaugurated the airline with its first flight to New York, followed by Virgin Megastore opening in Times Square and setting an iconic backdrop to the bustling epicenter of the city. Richard  has even driven a military tank through the city, crushing tons of Coca Cola cans when he launched Virgin Cola.  Years later, he’s still contributing to the New York City landscape with Virgin America now serving JFK, Virgin’s USA headquarters on Bleecker St., and much more.
RB Tank Times Square AtlanticWhen Virgin Megastore closed, New York City was vacant of a Virgin landmark, but that’s all going to change now as Virgin Hotels New York City breaks ground and aims to open in 2018.
times squareTomorrow, September 25, the new flagship hotel for the brand will celebrate in a traditional groundbreaking event, hard hats and all, but with a Virgin twist.  Richard Branson and Virgin Hotels CEO, Raul Leal, will be onsite to pop champagne and bury a time capsule filled with mementoes from Virgin company moments from NYC.

Contents of the time capsule include:

  • Virgin Cola can
  • Wham Glam Thank You Ma’am CD from the Times Square Virgin Megastore
  • Virgin Atlantic onboard salt + pepper shakers and JFK Clubhouse cocktail shaker
  • Virgin Hotels key cards, shower sheep and hanging door tag
  • Virgin Hotels New York City rendering
  • Virgin America headphones and JFK boarding pass
  • Historic photo

Virgin x New York time capsule contents_cropped time capsule

Virgin Hotels New York City will open at 1224 Broadway St. and sit in the heart of the NOMAD Neighborhood.  It will offer over 450 Chambers, The Commons Club, a rooftop bar and pool and a block worth of high-end shopping.

We’ll see you in New York!



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