What Were You Thinking? October Horoscopes

What Were You Thinking? October Horoscopes
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By The AstroTwins; Tali & Ophira Edut

Waiting for that one big idea to strike? No need to pace a hole in the floor or stare at a terminally blank screen. This month, The AstroTwins bring us starpowered tips for summoning the muse and creating the best environment for eliciting those strokes of genius. Eureka!

What Inspires You: Move over, Sherlock Holmes. Unraveling mysteries is what makes a Scorpio tick. No matter what field you’re in, an element of surprise keeps you engaged. You love figuring out complex codes and solving puzzles. A bit of an alchemist, you enjoy transforming existing ideas or industries to bring them new life.

Best Work Environment: Privacy please! And can we get an extra lock on that door with a security monitor too? We kid, we kid…kind of. But when you’re in work mode, you definitely need that Keep Out sign to hang. Obsessively focusing without interruption (for hours on end, at that) is a must when you’re in ideation mode. A dark space can also be a Scorpio’s best den. You also enjoy a VIP conference room with a select team, strategizing together about world domination.

What Inspires You: The quest for higher truths is what drives a Sagittarius. Your life may feel like a long journey of discovery — you just want to keep on expanding. Once you’ve unlocked the code, you may share your knowledge through teaching, writing or media.  Like an ambassador, you want to see the world and unite the people from different corners.

Best Work Environment: As the zodiac’s traveler, the mobile office has Sagittarius written all over it. You need a constant change of scenery, moving from desk to library to coffeeshop to your car. Wherever you go, a lively hum of human activity (not so loud as to distract) fuels you. Some of your best ideas come to you while you’re at the airport or in flight — a good excuse to let your jetsetting nature out to play.

What Inspires You: Success is coded into a Capricorn’s cosmic DNA — and so is a desire for excellence. You’ll strive for mastery, training tirelessly until you reach the top of your game. You wouldn’t mind if it came with a side of prestige, a fancy title and carte blanche access to the insider’s club too. Providing for your people also makes your soul sing. You’re their rock.

Best Work Environment: You enjoy an air of formality in your workspace. Even if the vibe is hip and modern you want to feel like you’re in a real office. But the upside of being a bit of a workaholic is that you can be productive anywhere. As long as you have a challenging project that you’re passionate about you’ll find a way to get ‘er done, even in the grocery store checkout line or while ordering drinks at the bar.

What Inspires You: As the zodiac’s humanitarian and innovator, you want to get behind something that makes the world a better place. If it doesn’t exist, you’ll invent it yourself — or create a group that rallies around that necessary cause. You hold the torch for world peace or at least a utopia. Creating high-vibe communities is one of your gifts.

Best Work Environment: The open office was designed with Aquarius in mind. You love people-watching and are motivated by the hum of productivity around you. You need lots of variety too so being chained to a desk is a no-go. Free-thinkers, revolutionaries, scientists and cutting edge artists — you thrive when you’re in the company of fascinating folks, as long as they don’t interrupt you when you’re in an independent groove.

What Inspires You: Where would we be without love, sweet love? Great romantic tales were surely written with a Pisces in mind. Whether you’re helping the less fortunate or supporting your spouse’s dreams, you love to be the wind beneath other people’s wings. Even when you’re in the spotlight, you’ll find a way to turn it towards an important cause.

Best Work Environment: Poetic Pisces need lots of space to dream and flow — without other people judging your “messy” work process. A home office (even your bed) might be your most productive zone so you can putter about, play music, try on clothes and still get it all done by the end of the day. When interacting with others, a warm-fuzzy environment is best — or a light-drenched space filled with eye candy.

What Inspires You: As the first sign of the zodiac you are naturally competitive. You want to be the brightest and the best! It’s actually good for you to fixate on crushing a competitor—as long as you remember it’s all just a game. Or, draw inspiration from a historical figure whose work informs your own. You could be the

Best Work Environment: While it’s important for you to train alongside the pros, it can be hard on the Aries ego to be the little fish in the big pond. You also need a place where you can be the ringleader and trailblazer, even if that means forming a smaller group within the company. Autonomous to the core, you get thrown off people are breathing down your neck. You work best independently and even alone for longer blocks of time.

What Inspires You: Tradition, tradition! You love anything with a legacy and understand that true quality stands the test of time. You’re more interested in creating something of lasting value — and then patiently teaching others how to use it — than being the trendiest kid on the block.

Best Work Environment: Ruled by aesthetic Venus, you do require a well-appointed space, even one that’s feels like an exclusive country club lounge or cigar bar. Think: dark oak furniture, cranberry velvet drapes and a tobacco-scented candle. Having the right tools around is a must and for Taurus, that means investing in the best!

What Inspires You: As a thought leader and innovator, you need a constant influx of fresh ideas. A stack of magazines and a superfast wi-fi connection — you love to research and hunt for the latest and greatest things. As a superconnector, your big idea may involve bringing people together or synthesizing seemingly disparate ideas into the perfect hybrid.

Best Work Environment: The question for Gemini isn’t so much where you work as much as it is who is working alongside you. You thrive in a social environment where you brainstorm regularly and bounce ideas off of other savvy souls. If your office feels like a think tank, you’re in heaven. And no, it wouldn’t hurt if there was a ping pong table, lounge area and other fun toys around too—you need your play breaks!

What Inspires You: You’re a nurturer by nature, Cancer. Beyond taking care of your family and personal security, you want to make the world a safer and more comfortable place for other people. You’re also an unrepentant culture vulture. Making your work stand out with a creative (and often highbrow) flourish is something you aspire to.

Best Work Environment: As the zodiac’s most domestic sign you need your work environment to feel cozy, safe and a lot like home. You might even turn your kitchen table into your desk or work from your apartment. Privacy is essential. You need a door on your office and lots of quiet time to think. An emotional connection to your coworkers — or at least one office BFF — keeps you in good spirits. Conversely, having an office nemesis can turn a job that you love toxic so if that arises, create a fortress, fast.

What Inspires You: All the world is a stage when you’re a Leo. Whether you’re performing or presenting, you love to entertain people and open their minds. But this is always best when you are following a noble purpose. Once you find your raison d’etre, your competitive side kicks in. You want to be the leader or to leave a legacy in the history books.

Best Work Environment: As zodiac royalty, you enjoy an elite environment or a place of prestige to clock into each day. A dull, Dilbert cubicle will never do. Surrounding yourself with beauty and luxury keeps you humming and productive. Quiet spaces are the death knell to inspiration. You need lively people with whom you can bandy about ideas — and the freedom to pick up the phone to pitch a project (or gab loudly with a prestigious contact) at any given moment.

What Inspires You: As the sign of selfless service your primary motivation is to be helpful to other people. But that doesn’t make you a martyr. You like the idea of being an aspirational role model or ideasmyth. Virgos also love to collect data (not to mention random facts and trivia), then synthesize into useful advice and products that make people’s lives easier.

Best Work Environment: Although you have a rep for being a neatfreak, you can also be a packrat. Or, hey, a “collector.” Organizing your curated treasures and tools into displays — and tucking some of them into neat cabinets — creates the right balance of work and play in your office. Whites, greys and creams can soothe your anxious mind during the workday. Privacy and quiet are important since you often do your best work alone or working closely alongside one other person.

What Inspires You: Aesthetic, people-loving Libras want to make the world a gorgeous and happy place. You understand the innate power of beauty whether through conversation, music, art or fashion. As the zodiac’s peacekeepers you are concerned with harmony, which could involve upholding justice or changing laws.

Best Work Environment: As a confirmed “people person” you thrive in a social environment, as long as there isn’t friction or drama that disrupts your flow. Pausing between assignments to make friendly conversation or share a cup of tea — or even organize office yoga — keeps your days moving along. You need a gorgeous view too, both from your window and on your desk. Bring on the décor porn!


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