Master of Styld.By: Pete Halvorsen

Master of Styld.By: Pete Halvorsen
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Travel photographer Pete Halvorsen spends a day boarding in Manhattan Beach, globetrotting to Malawi, Africa or hotel hopping around the states. What did he see you ask? The gorgeous people on the streets, the mayhem of fall & winter fashion and the wanting, needing and rushing of shopping before the holidays are upon us.

Pete made a stop at the hotel back in August with Gap, and we had a chance to chat with him about how fashion and photography changes but style – good style – always stays the same.
GapxVirgin - Retouched Selects-6VHC: If you were an Instagram filter, what filter would you be?
PH: Earlybird. Up early to catch the worm…or in this case the golden light of a sunrise on a new day.GapxVirgin - Retouched Selects-5 GapxVirgin - Retouched Selects-3VHC: What’s one place or person you’d absolutely LOVE to photograph some day?
PH: The surf break Teahupoʻo in Tahiti. It’s such an incredible wave I would love to get out there, see it in person and of course shoot it from sunrise to sunset.

VHC: How did you get into photography?
PH: The camera had always an extension of my storytelling tools growing up. I’ve worked in many facets of the entertainment industry over the years from crew to talent. I made the transition to full time photographer about 7 years ago, I enjoyed the new challenge of telling a story through a single image.

VHC: What’s your greatest source of inspiration?
PH: My kids, I love the creativity and raw enjoyment of life they have. Their world is full of such imagination and joy, I try to tap into that energy whenever I can. Style wise I’m inspired by the work of Peter Beard and Massimo Vitali.
GapxVirgin - Retouched Selects-4VHC: What’s one trick you’ve learned to get the best out of your subject?
PH: I’ve found to really capture someones true self in a photo you have to build a rapport with them. Take the time before picking up the camera, get to know who they are and what makes them tick. Keep that conversation going while shooting, it give you the best opportunity to capture a “real” image of them.


It’s no easy task when you’re traveling. Either you forgot that sweater at home or need a quick change, and no time to shop –trust us, we know that feeling of being unsatisfied with what’s in your suitcase.  We’ve got you covered. You can shop Gap online and we’ll pick it up for you.

Consider it done. 
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 Photo Credit: Pete Halvorsen



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