Confessions of a Bartender: Happy Hour Style

By Virgin Hotels

We’re skipping the usual evening snack and going straight for the after-work cocktails. The man behind the bar confessed to us the meaning behind our favorite fall drinks from The Commons Club. Since we don’t mind sharing our secrets with you… cheers, sip, enjoy!

Walking on Air
Inspired by the smell of walking in the woods. The drink is woodsy and a little smoky while the fizz adds in a little airiness. Incorporated into the cocktail is ‘Freak of Nature”, an oolong tea that is exposed to fairly wide temperature changes, blazing hot during the day, freezing at night.

Bad Apple
It’s naughty but oh so nice… and smooth. An apple a day keeps the Doc away….you get the point ;)

Form of Flattery
This is a spicy fall version of a Moscow mule. Allspice dram is a traditional island liqueur that adds spice & woodiness. We added a touch of calamansi extract to provide a richer citrus kaleidoscope while the ginger beer helps it all go down easy.

Join us, Sunday – Thursday for the best, happiest hour you’ll never want to miss.

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