The Balance of Wellness November Horoscopes

The Balance of Wellness November Horoscopes
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By The AstroTwins; Tali & Ophira Edut

Oh baby, it’s cold outside. And soon we’ll make that ****ing freezing. But the season weather doesn’t have to derail our good times. Our resident stargazers, the AstroTwins share tips for staying healthy through the winter months.

ARIES: Up top, please! As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries governs the head. While the notion that we lose most of our body heat through our heads has been debunked as a myth, the face and head are the body parts most sensitive to temperature changes. Trick yourself into feeling toastier by putting a cap on it. In fact, pick a good one and make it your statement style piece of the season. You’ll be more likely to go outside and move around, giving your system a chance to truly acclimate to the cold. And let’s be honest, avoiding frostbite in the process doesn’t exactly suck.
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TAURUS: Taurus is associated with the throat — and between the frosty temps and the drying indoor heat, winter can wreak havoc on yours. Modify that Mary Poppins mantra and coat your throat: A spoonful of honey is the medicine that should go down, along with a Slippery Elm lozenge. Gargling with salt water helps too. Do you wake up feeling like you wandered through the desert all night? A humidifier can regulate the air in your bedroom and ensure that you’ll have a voice left over for caroling season.

GEMINI: Your active mind is always alert at this time of year, making mental lists as you drift off to sleep, then waking up to obsess over check them twice. And while researching the perfect turkey baste and getting your gift lists written before Black Friday does count, you want to be well-rested enough to enjoy the season — not Grinching out from a lack of sleep. Download some restful meditations that you can play as you drift off — and some soothing music too. Keep the notebook or voice recorder app open on your phone during the day so you can log quick reminders of all there is to do, and keep them all neatly in one place. Searching for that important Post-It Note is so last century, Gem!

CANCER: As the zodiac’s shameless nester, you’re not mad at Old Man Winter — not by a long shot. ‘Tis the season for throwing logs on the fire, cozying up with family and close friends and staying in — a few of your favorite things. But those comfort food indulgences can get the best of you, zapping your energy and making you a little too sedentary for your doctor’s liking.  Since we’re not going to convince you to “get out more often,” set up a piece of home exercise equipment so you can work out while binge-watching Scandal. And give your go-to recipes a healthier twist, swapping in maple syrup for sugar or using half a wheel of cheddar for that Mac N’ Cheese instead of three whole ones.

LEO: Luxuriating Leo, you need no excuse to pamper yourself. But should you feel guilty for taking a break from your 1,001 projects to get a massage, take heart. Regular rubdowns stimulate the lymphatic system and improve circulation, which warms you right up. Your sign rules the upper back, so even if you can only drop in for a 20-minute chair massage, think of it as zodiac-approved preventative medicine. You also govern the heart, so keep your body temperature up with regular cardio workouts.

VIRGO: The digestive system is your domain, Virgo — which might explain why you have such strong gut feelings. And having a healthy gut is no joke since the bacteria that lives there can be the best ally we have in fighting disease. Keep yours strong and vital with the help of probiotics, AKA “the good bacteria.”  You can take it as a supplement, eat it in fermented foods (miso soup, pickled veggies) or hop on the hipster kombucha train. Keeping stress at bay is also a must since your enteric nervous system lives in the gut. When we’re vexed, our digestion can shut down like the mall on Thanksgiving morning. Taking deep breaths throughout the day (hello yoga!) — and scaling back your manic schedule — would be a wise move if you don’t want to waste your days off sniffling in bed.

LIBRA: Lucky you, Libra! The bum is the body part that you rule. But as it turns out we store a whole lot of stress in the hips and behind. Since you’re more likely to hop in the car than on your bike in the winter, you’ll have to get creative about shaking that tailfeather. Put together an upbeat playlist so you can take regular “dance breaks.” Just a couple minutes of movement every hour can break up that stagnating energy. And hey, since you’re both social and romantic, learning to salsa or tango can keep your calendar — and your dance card — full. And on a practical, affordable note, a foam roller can release muscle tightness from too many nights curled up in your Snuggie with the cat.

SCORPIO: Letting go ain’t easy for a Scorpio. You tend to get attached to people, ideas, emotions…you name it. And since the body’s tendency in the winter is to shiver and clamp up, you might hold things in even more. Since you’re a water sign, you need a seasonally appropriate way to let things flow. Sweat it out in a sauna or steam room — if you live near a Russian bath or Korean spa investing in the monthly all-access pass would be a worthwhile indulgence. At home, fill up the tub with detoxifying Epsom salts and keep lots of warming, decaf teas around the office so you can hydrate throughout the day.

Sagittarius: As the zodiac’s traveler, nothing bums you out more than being cooped up when you just want to get out and explore. Alas, even the Vitamin D drops and full-spectrum UV lamp (both good ideas for you to utilize) won’t totally bust through those winter blues. Rather than fight against the cold, find a way to play in it. Get involved in a winter sport, like snowboarding, ice-skating, or cross-country skiing. Or get a monthly membership to a hot yoga studio where you can rock your itty bitty shorts for a 90-minute “summer vacation.” For you, more than any other sign, planning one warm-weather getaway in the winter months is a mood- and immune system booster!

Capricorn: It’s no secret that stress lowers our resistance to disease. But as someone who loves a challenge you heap a lot on your plate…and that can ratchet up the intensity of your life. With temperatures dropping, you’re less likely to get out for a calming 15-minute walk but these mini breaks can help keep you at an even keel. There’s hope, Capricorn! Instead of networking, hop on the “sweatworking,” bandwagon. Meet your colleagues at the gym for a mind clearing spin class (oxygenating the brain makes you think better too!) then solve that dilemma quickly and creatively while sipping your après-workout juice. If deals are sealed on the golf course, why can’t they also happen on the slopes?

Aquarius: Intellectual Aquarius, you have a beautiful mind — one that needs lots of stimulation to stay happy. While social media can be an outlet, there’s no replacing the IRL connection for you. Make a commitment to a group for the winter, be it a weekly memoir writing class, a soulful discussion group or a band that has regular practices. Group fitness classes are also right up your athletic alley. Hey, you might just become the unofficial mayor of your yoga studio or gym, but that’s just as good a reason as any to squeeze in an abs class after an hour of kickboxing.

Pisces: Although you like to flow freely, Pisces, you can also be rather, uh, accident-prone. Maybe it’s because you’re so busy dreaming up your next magnum opus that you forget to pay attention to where you are in this very moment. But winter’s icy sidewalks aren’t so forgiving of your quixotic escapes. Do the requisite damage control and invest in shoes with a great slip-proof tread. Hey, not all functional footwear is fugly. You are a firm believer that the shoes make the outfit, so shop around until you find the right combination of style and practicality. And don’t forget, you can always change into those Prada loafers or six-inch Louboutins when you reach your destination.

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