The Countdown to 2016: December Horoscopes

The Countdown to 2016: December Horoscopes
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By The AstroTwins; Tali & Ophira Edut

The countdown to 2016 is on—and you’ve no doubt got some epic new goals in your crosshairs. But before you start mapping out NEXT year’s resolutions, take stock. Have all of your 2015 boxes been ticked? Our resident astrologers, The AstroTwins, break down your last two annual must-do’s for achieving nirvana…or at least capitalizing on the offerings of this year’s cosmic forces. Have at ‘em, skywatchers—and make it a December to remember.

1. Tend to your health
Busy Aries have had your hands full with projects since fall. As a result, self-care may have fallen off the priority list. You can’t undo the cheeseburger and martini lunches, so why dwell on the past? Crowd out those cookies with roasted veggies, lock upbeat workouts back into your weekly schedule (with a trainer, even) and let Santa know the make and model of that cold-pressed juicer you’re eying.

2. Book a vacation that’s more like a pilgrimage
Few things refresh adventurous Aries more than a change of scenery—bonus points if a passport is required. Time to plan and book your next BIG sojourn, one that involves learning, expanding, or connecting to your roots. PS: Though you might not skip town until sometime next year, commit to the trip and book your tickets before 2015 is through.

1. Brush up your branding
Yes, yes, we know it’s what’s inside that counts. But given that humans take less than a second to form a first impression—an indelible imprint that’s also hard for the brain to overcome—you want to have them at hello. If visuals aren’t your thing, enlist a stylist (many retail stores offer this service for free), graphic designer or image consultant to make sure you are putting your best foot forward.

2. Tell someone important that you love them.
Let’s be honest: none of us REALLY know how long we have to journey through this mortal coil. Relationships have been deepening for Bulls this year, but you’ve also kept your cards close to your vest. Fess up to your feelings of admiration and appreciation, whether they are romantic or purely platonic. Don’t worry about the outcome; the truth shall set you free!

1. Fix up an area of your home
Nomadic Gemini, you love your on-the-go lifestyle. Whether you’re jetting across state lines or fluttering like a social butterfly on the local scene you need to be out and about! But your half-unpacked suitcase is no substitute for a proper dresser—and you DO need a well-appointed place to hang your fedora. Hit The Container Store to stow all your “collections,” paint a wall a cheery color to wake up a room, upgrade your futon with a comfy grown up sofa.

2. Lock down a partnership for the long haul
Every Gemini needs a twin—you just thrive in partnerships. This year you’ve gotten a lot more serious and selective about who you let into your life. Before 2015 is through, make one of those unions a little more official. Maybe you’ll put a ring on it—or some ink. Lawyer up and get a contract drafted. Or, clear the decks of commitmentphobes to pave the way for someone who can keep you intrigued (and vice versa) for the long haul.

1. Initiate a hangout with a cool new friend
Family-oriented Cancers make friends for life. But your cozy crew could be getting a little too insular. Pop the bubble and cast for new recruits. Don’t worry if your squad approves or not. This person might not click with your clique in every way, but the common ground you share will bring some lovely variety to your life.

2. Take a prestigious colleague to a power lunch
You’re in a building phase for your career right now, Cancer—and that might mean paying a few more dues as you wind your way to the top. Humble thyself and play the happy helper role. Then, show how thankful you are to the person offering you the opportunity for growth. Spring for a power lunch where you can speak more freely and casually. When it comes to your success, solid relationships are key. Already at the top? Take your VIP supporters out for some one-on-one time. You need these loyalists in your corner!

1. Treat yourself to something luxurious
Diamonds are a Leo’s best friend—you’re zodiac royalty, after all. But budgetary constraints or a more pragmatic outlook have tamed those decadent urges lately. You work hard for your money, Leo, and without a treat here and there, it’s hard to stay motivated. Make a budget for an “investment piece,” even if it’s a small accessory. That little twinkle or shine will remind you why you’re burning the candle so hard every day.

2. Apply for a leadership position
Back to that zodiac royalty thing—you were born to reign! Structured Saturn is grooming you for a new leadership role, one that uses your innate talents but also brings opportunities to stretch and grow. Put your name in the hat for a key role, or just take charge (if that doesn’t involve a hostile takeover). Even if the crown doesn’t land on your head right away, showing that you’re interested in stepping up to the plate will impress the right people now.

1. Wild up your style
With adventurous, outrageous Jupiter making its once-a-decade tour through Virgo from August 11, 2015 to September 9, 2016 this is the time to let your hair down. Your sign gets a bad rap for being buttoned-up, but that’s hardly the full story. Wear your creativity on your sleeve—even if you keep it under wraps while at work. Play with colors, patterns and edgier accessories to let your personality shine through.

2. Have a heart-to-heart with a relative
Family is ultra-important to Virgos, and it always feels good to let them know that you love them. But in your quest to keep everybody happy have you bent over backwards one too many times? Someone in your inner circle has been taking advantage of your kindness—alas with your consent. Lovingly let them know that there’s a new sheriff in town; one that wants a more even flow of give and take. Remember: people aren’t mind readers. Spell out the support you’d like from them and the mutual admiration society will get back on track.

1. Make a date with the muse
Whether you’re the next Picasso or a paint-by-numbers kinda guy matters not. Creativity is a Libra’s calling card and you are happiest when ensconced in art, music, literature and other imaginative pursuits. Set aside some “studio time” to let the muse take hold. Or, wander through a gallery, book theater tickets, see one of your favorite bands play live. This sweet escape helps you stay balanced and is sanctioned by the stars!

2. Buddy up
Two is the magic number for partnership-oriented Libras, but lately you’ve been handling way too much on your own. Turn a solo mission into a joint venture. Sure, you may have to share some of the glory—but that just makes the victory sweeter. Reach out for a helping hand where you’re carrying too heavy a load. Friends, neighbors, coworkers—and even some new recruits—will happily step in.

1. Update a digital device
Geek is chic for Scorpios in 2015 and beyond. Lifehack your way to a happier New Year by giving your most important devices—phones, laptops, home gadgets—a refresh. We know you get sentimentally attached to things, but please…let the 2009 model Blackberry go! Don’t cut corners on storage space. If you’re going to upgrade, do it right, ensuring that you have all the gigabytes you need for your photos, music and apps.

2. Put some extra money in your savings or investment account
Make a budget and check it twice! The stars are supporting a savvier savings plan for Scorpios as the year wraps. It’s not JUST about tightening your belt (and no, we’re not suggesting you get Grinchy with those gifts). Socking away some funds for the future gives your sign that much-needed sense of security that you crave. Before the year is up, max out that SEP IRA contribution or earmark a portion of your bonus for that rainy day fund.

1. Make a bold business move
Your ambitious nature is in full swing as Q4 winds into Q1. While everyone’s in a holly jolly mood, why not heap on the charm and pitch, present and propose? Use those holiday soirees as strategic networking opportunities. When you see that killer contact hovering by the company-sponsored martini bar, sidle on up and break the ice with your witty bon mots.

2. Add a couple sophisticated staples to your wardrobe
Eternally youthful Sagittarius, it’s true that “Forever 21” might be your spirit age. But with wise, mature Saturn trekking through your sign from September of this year until December 2017, it’s time to put a more elegant foot forward. Shop for practical “investment pieces” like a great pair of leather boots or a bag that goes with everything—including the leopard print onesie or ten gallon hat!

1. Plan a vacation…that has NOTHING to do with work
When was the last time you traveled purely for pleasure—and not a practical purpose? As the year winds down, fun no longer feels like an f-word for you; in fact, you could use a whole lot more of it. Squeeze in a getaway—with at least one night away from your own bed—before 2015 is through. Make sure it’s relaxing and rejuvenating. How about that mountain lodge with the killer spa or the weekend yoga retreat?

2. Do a volunteer shift at a holiday charity
The stars are stoking your charitable spirit this year, proving true the axiom that ‘tis better to give. Find a cause that speaks to you, Capricorn, and give a donation. Rather than just throwing dollars at it, put in some time too. Seeing how much of a difference you make will be nourishing food for your soul: a true win-win.

1. Share a secret with someone you trust
Calm, cool Aquarius, you’ve been having some deep thoughts since the fall. And though you tend to hide behind humor and reserve, you’re an emotional creature, just like the rest of us. A friendship will grow stronger as a result of your courageous vulnerability. Give a loyal friend a glimpse into your inner world.  When you open up and keep it real, you’ll unconsciously give them permission to do the same. Hello, permabonding!

2. Update your social media profiles (and website) to reflect your achievements
Those tipsy tweets and rants about the 2016 elections…and what about that night you were recording singing a whisky-fueled rendition of Adele at karaoke? Erm. While your “live out loud” vibes are entertaining, give your public profiles a review. Maybe you don’t want your colleagues, cousins, and casual acquaintances having access to EVERY part of your world.

1. Propose a partnership
While you hate the idea of being caught in anyone’s net, you’re not averse to pairing off with someone who respects your autonomy and independence. This year, you may have met someone who makes your soul sing. Whether for business, pleasure or a creative collaboration, find a way to seal this bond. Maybe it’s simply a matter of planning a trip together—to a resort with a swim-up bar or to the courthouse for a very special certificate.

2. Ask your boss for a performance review
Selfless service is nothing new to your charitable sign. But are you verging on the “office martyr” role? No bueno! The squeaking wheel gets the oil, Pisces. Instead of waiting for that bonus to come, get a performance review on the calendar so you can let the higher ups know what your contributions to the company have been. And while you’re on the climb, how about getting some pro tips? Sit down with a coach or consultant—if you can’t make an appointment before the year’s end, make sure it’s booked for January.

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