The Year of YOU: January Horoscopes

The Year of YOU: January Horoscopes
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By The AstroTwins; Tali & Ophira Edut

Okay, okay, it’s 2016—we get it already! But what’s with all the pressure to reinvent our lives from tip to tail? While we’re totally game to get those #goals in motion, the New Year starts off on a somewhat confusing note. For one thing, Mercury will be in a signal-scrambling retrograde from January 5-25, advising us all to review, refine and really think through plans before we bolt into action. Thankfully, go-getter Mars brings some balance, touring focused Scorpio all month long. To help with your ambitious missions, our resident astrologers The AstroTwins have devised some “micro-resolutions” for each zodiac sign. Start with these and you’ll sail through January with the first 2016 feathers in your fedora.

Pick up an unfinished, but promising project: With Mercury retro in your career house, flip through your Greatest Hits album. Maybe it’s time to drum up a sequel to a past success or get back in touch with a powerful person who you’d like to collaborate with again. Aries are notorious for starting projects then getting distracted halfway through. One of those abandoned gems could be seriously profitable in 2016!

Spend more time in bed: Who says you can only be productive at your desk? Lusty Mars is ramping up your mojo this month giving Aries an early, naughty start to Valentine’s Day. And let’s be honest: This frisky brand of entertainment can make you more productive since you’ll no doubt be whistling while you work.

Read or listen to an edifying book: Your mind is hungry for fresh data in January, as thoughtful Mercury backstrokes through your erudite ninth house. Make a literary list and start ticking off the titles. You might even start or join a book club. Talk about getting the year off to a page-turning start!

Find a compromise in an important partnership: With fierce Mars in your partnership house, you could be a little “bull in a china shop” when it comes to getting your way. But strong-arming people into submission will only make them rebel later. Instead of seeking domination, negotiate until you find a win-win. This is the key to lasting harmony.

Start a morning meditation practice: The Gemini brain is a busy and active place. But with your ruler Mercury in reverse until January 25, those jumbled thoughts can turn into obsessing and worrying — and who needs that? (Rhetorical question, Gem.) Quiet the “monkey chatter” with AM meditations. Five to thirty minutes will do. Since you’re a verbose one, you could add in some journaling too. Your scrawlings could unearth a genius idea that was buried in your subconscious.

Find a fitness class that’s also fun: No pain, no gain? Uh, why? That strategy will never work for a sign that gets as bored as quickly as you do. Ditch the grueling “lather, rinse, repeat” classes and dive into circuit workouts and dance classes that bring plenty of variety. The unexpected will keep you motivated!

Write a letter to an ex—and burn it: You swore up and down that you were so over it. How did that person creep into your thoughts again? The finger of blame points to Mercury, which will be retrograde in your relationship house from January 5-25.  Instead of meeting for coffee and “closure” (like that ever works…), scrawl out all your bottled up feelings then take the letter to the firepit for a ceremonial burning and release!

Take the lead in love: Relax, Cancer…Cupid has not abandoned you this January. Quite the contrary as you’ll have heatseeking Mars in your romance zone all month. When it comes to those worthy candidates, don’t play coy. Initiate a date; or, if you’re in a relationship, start filling up the shared calendar with dress-up events and cultural activities to get you both out of the house.

Start juicing: Astrologically, Leos are right in tune with the wellness resolve that strikes at the beginning of each year. Hop on the healthy living bandwagon and give your diet a clean, green update. Experiment with fresh juices and smoothies, then warm your bones with roasted veggies. Soon, those sugar cravings will subside.

Tackle an area of your home or office to declutter: With stressful Mars in your domestic zone, hibernating could be hard this January — especially if you see piles and clutter wherever you direct your gaze. Make it your mission to whip at least one significant area of your crib into shape. Consider making it more functional too. 2016 could very well be the year to set up a home office, yoga studio or even a baby’s nursery, Leo.

Take a workshop to nurture a creative hobby: Just because something isn’t “practical” doesn’t mean it should be pooh-pooh’d…or pushed down to a lower priority status. 2016 is a year to have fun for fun’s sake — and to make art for art’s sake too. Feed the muse this month and your world will feel brighter, richer and more joyful.  PS: It might just inform a moneymaking idea in the not-too-distant future.

Expand your friend group: As the zodiac’s most helpful sign, you prefer friendships that are built around mutual and ongoing support. You’re selective too, but when you click, you do so deeply. The downside, is that this this can make you a bit insular. Why bother meeting new people when you know “enough” great ones? With energizing Mars in your house of amigos, January could bring some lively kindred spirits who make your world feel a whole lot bigger. Get out and mingle!

Tighten up the radius of your inner circle: Garrulous Libra, you’ve never met a stranger. But in 2016 the “insta-bonding” recipe could water down the quality of your closest connections. Think: quality over quantity and turn some attention to your friend list. Who are your top 3-5 homies, people who you know will unflinchingly have your back? Give them your undivided attention and nurture these bonds. Your 1,001 fans and acquaintances will have to wait for a piece of your time.

Start a special savings account for a luxe purchase: Let’s be honest, Libra: You are accustomed to living in an elegant style. Your Venus-ruled sign just adores the finer things in life! But your Champagne wishes should not be expensed on a PBR budget, like ever. Let your funds build up a little after all those holiday indulgences. But don’t deprive! Open a special savings account and start putting away bits from each paycheck. That way, you can enjoy your fineries responsibly — even if you have to delay gratification until February or March.

Have a slumber party with an old friend: Has it really been that long since you hung out with your bestie, your old bandmates or your buds from back in the day? With Mercury retrograding through your friendship sphere, you’ll get an uplifting boost from spending time with friends who knew — and will always know — you well. Rent a ski house or meet for a tropical resort weekend if you’re feeling fancy. But honestly, even some good old-fashioned couchsurfing at each other’s houses will do!

Take a private lesson: Lucky you, Scorpio! You have white-hot Mars in your sign from January 3 to March 5, which is truly revving you up for a make-better mission. Honor your competitive nature and book a session with a private trainer, teacher or coach. Having that one-on-one attention will really motivate you to develop your gifts. (Besides, you’re not exactly a fan of “practicing” in public!)

Map out your Q1 budget: 2016 will be a profitable year for Sagittarians, but what good is that if you burn it as fast as you earn it? Use January to map out a savvier budget for yourself — one that accounts for the mortgage check, cable bill AND your sushi and sake fixes. You shouldn’t deprive yourself, but be honest: Where could you tighten up the old belt another notch?

Catch up on your sleep:  “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!” has long been the Sagittarian motto. Hey, you just have too many interests and irons in the fire to keep you awake. But with Mars in your healing house from January to March, your fire could use some stoking. There’s inarguably only one way to really hit that reset button: Rest more, do less. Power down your devices at least an hour before bed then go soak in the tub, listen to music or read a paperback book. Slumber will be much sweeter if you do.

Get rid of any clothes that aren’t “you” anymore: Practical Capricorn, we realize you spent half a paycheck on that Burberry trench or the cashmere wrap. But if these go-to’s are no longer the right size for you or have become a little too familiar in your Instagram feed (cue outfit recycler and Capricorn Princess Kate), call in wardrobe and styling and get to refreshing!

Socialize—without an agenda: Make-it-happen Mars is cruising through your social networking zone giving you the impetus to expand your contact database. As a Capricorn, you don’t suffer fools gladly — or at all, for that matter. Plant yourself among the accomplished, established and elite and start talking business. If nothing else, their success stories will provide some wind beneath your wings.

Apologize to someone you hurt…oops! Aquarius, you’re quite the comedian — and occasionally, your wit can hit below the belt. Someone who was the butt of your teasing jokes may not have shared your humorous outlook on the situation. (Eek!) Or maybe you took out your frustration on a loved one during a stormy spell. Whatever the case, here’s an olive branch. Now go be the bigger person and extend it.

Polish up your professional profiles: The Aquarius style generally veers in one of two directions: festival chic or preppy athletic. Unfortunately, neither look will fit the bill for January’s astrological agenda. With high-powered Mars in your professional tenth house, make like signmate Justin Timberlake and get your “suit and tie” on. Then, pose for a headshot and update your profiles, from Linked In to any personal sites you promote on.

Change your passwords and back up files on the cloud: Mercury retrograde is a notorious signal-scrambler and January’s happens to be a double-whammy for you, Pisces, as it will hit your technology house. Don’t leave your important data naked and unprotected. Pick a new — and more complex — password and increase your cloud storage so you can save all those precious photos and songs you downloaded. PS: get a cup with a lid if you’re planning to drink and surf! The last thing you need is a spill taking down your brand new digital device!

Start planning your next epic vacay: Wanderlust hits you hard in January, making it hard to concentrate on much of anything at all. That’s because motivator Mars is percolating in your travel sector making you obsessed with your next getaway. Start bookmarking blogs and pinning photos of gorgeous locales. When Mercury turns direct on January 25 you might just be ready to hit the “book now” button on a flight to Phuket, Perth, or Sao Paolo!

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