It’s Mind Over Matter at Cerise Rooftop 4.5

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By Virgin Hotels

Close your eyes.

Imagine sitting in the sun with a nice cold drink in one hand, and another cold drink, in the other. The sun is hot, and the breeze is cool. Remember what it was like to be tan? What a relaxing moment that was. The only thing distracting you from your sunshine serenity is the possibility that it might be time to reapply sunscreen.

Now open your eyes.

Sorry for the beachside tease. But, good news! Cerise will open its rooftop 5 days a week, beginning April 5, Tuesday – Saturday, making Cerise as good a spot to start warming people up. After all, it is spring. We need to start living – it’s MIND OVER MATTER in a city like Chicago.
virginRoof-5152 virginRoof-5832

We’ll see you up top, Tuesdays – Saturdays starting at 4pm!
Happy Hour special? $10 Cerise Signature Sangria (like it hot? Like it cold?)


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