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A Lesson in libation from The Spirit Guide

We’ll admit it: we have an irrational fear of hotel minibars. The limited selection, the lack of space, the jacked up prices—it’s enough to drive a traveler crazy! Good thing for our guests, we’re crazy enough to do something about it.

Not only do we keep all our cherry red Smegs™stocked with the latest and greatest treats, but all our goodies are marked at street-level prices. And that means no games and no surprise fees at checkout.

And now for the really fun part…

To celebrate, our favorite Spirit Guide put together a series we’re calling Minibar Mixology. Each video is a lesson featuring fun drink recipes and classic cocktails you can make right in your own room. Be sure to check out Part One of our series, then grab a glass and prepare for cocktail greatness with Part Two below.

Each drink costs between $8.50 – $14.50. Cheers!


  • Muddle one gummy with one packet sugar
  • Add a splash of OJ
  • Fill with ice
  • Pour 2 oz. cognac
  • Stir and top with club soda


  • Pour 1.5 oz. vodka over ice
  • Add 1 pack EmergenC
  • Fill near to top with peach mango iced tea
  • Top with a Red Bull float


  • Pour 3 oz. White Wine Over Ice
  • Top With Club Soda
  • Enjoy

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