A Drink With @Porter_The_Golden

A Drink With @Porter_The_Golden
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When Porter the Golden hosted his first birthday party at our hotel, we knew we had to snag an interview with this Instagram-famous canine. Hillary and Porter grabbed Heinekens in The Funny Library for a little pup party pregame to talk Insta-fame and fortune.

ADW: Favorite outdoor activity in Chicago?
Porter: Dining al fresco, chasing all my favorite food trucks and walking off all the carbs along the lakefront.

ADW: Best dog park in the city?
Porter: Park… Did you say park? The closest one to this conversation! But seriously, Lakeshore East. That’s where all the cutest girl dogs hang out and there’s lots of green space for me to chase them… I mean chase my ball.
ADW_porter-1753 ADW_porter-1688ADW: Top three dog-friendly outdoor patios?
Porter: Big Star for tacos, Parlor for pizza and Expat for rosé snow cones. I also love any Four Corners establishment- Ranalli’s has the best Moscow Mules in the city.

ADW: Who is in your dog squad?
Porter: As a golden I’m super social so I like to roll deep. But, my closest buddies are Rufio of @LivingthatGoldenLife, Peyton of @PeytontheGolden and Biscuit of @BusyBodyBiscuit. Biscuit keeps us dudes in line when we get out of hand.

ADW: What are (or were) you looking forward to most at your first birthday party?
Porter: Cake, ALWAYS cake. Cake over everything.
ADW_porter--6 ADW_porter--5 ADW_porter--7ADW: Favorite movie?
Porter: If we’re talking about the cartoon variety I’d have to say Up. I find the main character, Dug, super relatable and charming – who can resist that grin? If we’re talking nonfiction I’d have to go with any movie Matt Damon has ever been in. He’s got that blonde hair, approachable, lovable thing going and I’ve gotta say he’s definitely one of my idols.

ADW: Favorite song?
Porter: “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. If I had thumbs I’d grab an ipod and play it any time I get into trouble with the ladies – particularly my mom. (I’m sorry about the rug). I also dig his falsetto.
ADW_porter--10 ADW_porter--11ADW: Most annoying things human do to you?
Porter: My hoomans like to sleep in super late on weekend mornings, which sometimes means I miss prime time at the dog park. They also constantly wipe the drool from my face and I’m like “come on guys, let me live my life,” ya know?

ADW: Why did you choose to celebrate your first birthday at Virgin Hotels Chicago?
Porter: Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to hang out on a giant red lip couch with all your best buds on your birthday?

ADW: Cubs or Sox fan?
Porter: Well both teams tend to chase balls and play with big sticks so I’d have to say I’m a cross-town fan. But if I had to choose I’d say North Side has the best hot diggity dogs.
ADW_porter--8ADW: Did you ever expect you’d create such a large following on Instagram?
Porter: I’m definitely a humble guy I had no idea I’d stumble upon such Instafame. Must have something to do with my big brown eyes, flowing locks and muscles.

ADW_porter-1637 ADW_porter--4



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