Rainbow of Colors: Millie Brown Take-Over

By Virgin Hotels

“I feel like it was a really fun one because there weren’t that many guidelines or restrictions so I could kind of let my imagination go. I just wanted to bring color and bring a bit of a punk attitude to Chicago and Virgin especially. I think their whole brand has a very punk side to it.  I think it was cool that they were into doing something more experimental and no one really knew what to expect.”
– Millie Brown

This past September, we immersed ourselves (literally) in colors of the rainbow. During the fifth annual EXPO CHICAGO, The International Exposition of Contemporary and Modern Art, we explored the synergy between mind, body spirit with the help of performance artist Millie Brown. Millie is best known for her eclectic and non-traditional methods of paint and astonishing performances.

From a take-over of our porte cochere with a live performance from Pablo Dylan, to a glow in the dark dinner in The Commons Club, we can’t but reminisce about that weird and exhilarating day….


vhc_millie_brown vhc_millie_brown-12 vhc_millie_brown-25 vhc_millie_brown-29 vhc_millie_brown-31
vhc_millie_brown-32 vhc_millie_brown-35 vhc_millie_brown-40 vhc_millie_brown-47 vhc_millie_brown-51 vhc_millie_brown-52 vhc_millie_brown-69 vhc_millie_brown-62 vhc_millie_brown-56 vhc_millie_brown-53

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