Holiday Hoopla: 10 Reasons Why It’s Cool To be The Black Sheep

By Virgin Hotels

If you’ve ever stayed with us, you may have noticed our mascot, Snoozy the Sheep, hanging out in your chamber. He’s a shower sheep, to be exact – and he always reminds us to not take ourselves too seriously and have a little fun wherever we go.

With the holidays upon us, most of us will be heading back to our hometowns. And at Virgin Hotels, many of us have been called “the black sheep” of our families – but we’re pretty sure that’s actually something to be celebrated.

Here’s why:

  1. You don’t have to have your own paragraph devoted to you in that embarrassing Christmas letter the family puts out every year.1
  2. Better to be the family black sheep rather than the family scape goat.2
  3. You can bring a different date each year – and whether they’re covered in tattoos or speak a totally different language, no one will bat an eyelash.3
  4. If you have a different political opinion, you can talk all you want about it. You’ll find yourself alone. With all the food.4
  5. You get assigned a seat at the kids’ table. But they’re better company anyways.5
  6. No one knows what to get you for a gift, so you end up with socks and underwear for days. You know what that means? Laundry can wait.6
  7. No one will wake you up early on Black Friday for the massive lines and havoc because they don’t really want to go shopping with you. 7
  8. Sometimes the ones who do their own thing end up the most successful. Just remember, our very own Richard Branson was a high school dropout.8
  9. You have so many frequent flier miles because you’re the only one who moved away. Far, far away.9
  10. An original is always worth more than the copy.10

Cheers to the wonderfully unique black sheep!

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