Do you or don’t you? Our Guide to New Year’s Eve

Do you or don’t you? Our Guide to New Year’s Eve
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2016 was a great year for us in Chicago. We hosted a birthday party for a dog. The Cubs won the World Series. We were awarded the #1 Readers Choice Award for Best Hotel in the U.S. (and #6 in the world!).

So while we’re sad to say goodbye, we’re looking forward to a 2017 full of many more magical moments and parties. But before we get there, we thought we’d share a guide of helpful dos and don’ts for the last party of the year – New Year’s Eve.


  • Kiss at midnight to seal in the good luck – whether it’s with your honey, your friends, your pup, or all of the above.
  • Bring out all the unnecessary excessive glitter and shiny accessories.
  • Make your New Years Resolution fun. You’re more likely to keep it. e. integrate more dancing into your daily life, trying every pizza joint in Chicago to find the best pizza, etc.
  • Eat black eyed peas and your greens. Just kidding. They say that brings good luck, but we say – eat enough of whatever you want to fill up your stomach and then fill the rest with champagne.

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  • Start drinking multiple types of liquor after you’ve had your celebratory glass of champagne. Trust us. Stick to the bubbly.
  • Drive. Duh. That’s why we have our party at a hotel.
  • Go overboard. Yes, you should get nice and toasty, but also yes, you’re too old to throw up tonight.
  • Instagram past 12:30am. Sometimes a filter can’t fix it.

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Got it? Good. See you at Cerise on New Year’s Eve. (Buy your tickets here)

Not that we need to convince you to go, but we’re just going to leave you with a little nugget of wisdom from Sir Richard Branson.

“Never underestimate the importance of celebrating. If you can remember a Virgin party, then you probably weren’t there.”




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