#GirlCrush: Meet The Woman in Red

#GirlCrush: Meet The Woman in Red
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If you haven’t met her, then you probably should. If you have met her, you probably have already formed a #girlcrush. But it would be impolite for us to not formally introduce her, so let’s skip the usual lunch break chat and go straight for the after-work cocktail introduction.

Please say H-E-L-L-O to The Woman in Red. She’s the face of The Commons Club. She’s the one who you’ll catch entertaining parties, giving the best cocktail recommendations (sometimes off the menu), and the one who you can trust to find fun anywhere. The Commons Club is the place in the city, and The Woman in Red is the go-to woman with insider tips. Did we mention she isn’t afraid to don a red dress every day of the week?

Below are 6 things to know about The Woman in Red:

Favorite drink in The Commons Club:
Urban Campfire

Song you play to get the party going:
“Come and Get Your Love” by Red Bone

Favorite thing about Chicago:
Biking along the lake

Favorite Color
Blue (Just kidding)

If you could have a drink with anyone in The Commons Club, who would it be?
Steven Tyler

Best part about being The Woman in Red:
When people leave the hotel with a story worth telling ;)

Favorite Happy Hour activity:


Meet her in The Commons Club, she’ll have your favorite drink waiting for you. And follow her on Instagram @womaninredVHC


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