Confessions of a Bartender: Seasonal Splendors

Confessions of a Bartender: Seasonal Splendors
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One of our mottos in The Commons Club is, “Why limit happy to an hour? We’ve got all day!”

And, we’ve got a day’s worth of delicious cocktails. The Woman in Red, noticed the days are getting a little longer and a little brighter even though Chicago in March still brings to mind the image of snow storms and puff jackets that cover your face.

Spring sallies in (to our mind at least) and in honor of the hopefully fast approaching springtime (who are we kidding, we’ll see you in May), The Woman in Red wanted to discover some cocktails that made people feel happy every day.
wir-blogAfter sitting down with her favorite Bartenders, Leah, Rusty, and James in The Commons Club to find out what gives them the warm and fuzzies from our new cocktail menu, The Woman in Red said,  “There were four cocktails that inspired the giddiness of Peanuts’ dancing little feet.  There are no better drinks suited for seasonal splendor and stress than below”.
19Her findings:

Where’s The Bees
Rusty created a play on a Bumble Bee milkshake (banana and peanut butter with hot fudge). The cocktail itself is a mixture of Hennessy VS, walnut liqueur, sherry, banana de brasil, and heavy whipping cream. Perfect for a chilly Chicago evening after dinner.
wheres-the-bees-blogSugar and Spice
The Sugar and Spice is Leah’s nod to The Commons Club history (we’re only two years old, but egg white cocktails used to be our thing). With rum, cinnamon syrup, lemon juice, ancho reyes, and our favorite hellfire bitters, the Sugar and Spice is a great option if you’re looking for something sweet with an extra a spicy kick.
sugar-and-spiceWinter 1.0
Our advice for the cold weather and harsh winds of Chicago? Gin and bear it.  James crafted this gin based cocktail with fino jarana, honey syrup, Siberian fir wash, and Spanish bitters.
winter-1-0Southern Soda
Call it an Italian soda with a southern belle twist. With peach moonshine and apple brandy with an amaretto base, this cocktail is also carbonated – so that’s why we put it on tap! We imagine we’ll be sipping something similar when our Nashville and New Orleans Virgin Hotels properties open.


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