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As we gear up for our San Fran location, we wanted to bring one of our favorite West Coast brands to Chicago. Taylor Stitch was founded by three friends, Mike, Mike, and Barrett 9 years ago in San Francisco after discovering they couldn’t find “a shirt that fit”. They set out to create more options when it came to style and function – and we had to pick their brains on what inspired them, shopping tips, and what’s trending for the holidays.

Taylor Stitch will be setting up a pop-up in the Commons Club from December 2-9 to showcase their holiday collection. The company carries both men’s and women’s shirting, outerwear, denim, and basics constructed responsibly from the finest materials. Guests who stay for dinner or indulge in Upside Down Tea will automatically receive 20% off with their receipt.


How did Taylor Stitch come to be?
We actually started off by making custom shirts. My business partner’s dad brought back custom shirts from business trips to Hong Kong and we became enamored by it never having been able to find a shirt that fit. We used all of our learnings from fitting people for shirts to develop the tailored and signature fit of our ready to wear shirts. 

How would you describe the Taylor Stitch style?
The intersection of the city meeting the mountains and the ocean. We believe clothes should have a transitional utility to them so you can go through your entire day in them and not have to think about changing over and over. 

What’s the story behind the name of the brand?
The first year we moved to San Francisco we lived at the corner of Taylor and Clay streets. We loved the play from tailor to Taylor and it allowed the brand to really assume a persona. The Stitch is the backbone of any garment and what holds it together.
Who or what is the greatest influence on your work?
The lives we lead. We have always appreciated design and we believe good design is also functional. You’ll find small functional details that don’t take away from the form of the products. We’re also obsessive about caring for our people and places so we are always sourcing more responsible raw materials and managing relationships with our factories to ensure the people are taken care of. 

Did any brands inspire you when starting the line? What brands do you follow now?
Patagonia has always been an inspiration from a brand perspective. They’ve never wavered on their beliefs and they continue to get stronger. 

If Taylor Stitch could only sell one thing, what would it be?
Our everyday oxford. It’s a workhorse for the wardrobe and something everyone can wear. 
What’s a rule of thumb you abide by before purchasing clothing?
It’s less expensive to buy better things once than it is to buy cheap things many times both for your wallet and for the environment. 

What’s your go-to every day outfit?
Boots at the basis then an everyday Oxford and Jeans or chinos and a heavy bag tee. 

What do you see trending for holiday gift-giving this year?
For us we always see people buying our Yosemite shirt. It’s double brushed and the softest flannel we’ve ever found. It benefits the giver just as much as the receiver when they get to snuggle up to it.  

What is one classic staple item everyone should splurge on?
A good pair of boots. Get a pair that is Goodyear welted so it can be resoled. They’ll last forever and just keep looking better and better. 

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