In The Name of Love

In The Name of Love
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Love made us do it

The month of February brings us all of the feels – we love love.  Love is perpetually uncomfortable and constantly thrilling and sometimes uncommon. Love is a story that will keep you up at night. Love is a guessing game rife for over-analysis and misinterpretation. Love is anything but unremarkable.

We’ve realized that part of what we love about love are all of the stories and advice that are born right here at the hotel. People do really weird, totally out-of-character things in the name of love.  Over the years and sometimes over a drink (or two), we’ve heard some pretty great love stories. And let us tell you, we’ve felt the osmosis of their love notes.

Action Bronson:
“I believe in kissing at any time. Period. You just have to express yourself. Little things matter, big things matter… it’s an overall vibe.”
action-5Kelly Rowland:
“We [my husband] just became friends and friends turned into lovers and lovers turned into marriage. I don’t want to be without him. I don’t want life without him. He is just the best guy ever. I don’t know what I did or who said a prayer, but man, I hit the lotto. And so did he. I’ll drink to that.”
ADW_KellyRowland--9Bela Gandhi:
“There’s definitely a difference in the types of love. There are different types of attachment too – attachment to your kids, attachment to your husband. But I think human beings are driven to have a mate. It’s like hunger, like thirst. We all want a companion. You have to be psychotically optimistic and go out there to find it. If you want it, it will come to you.”
ADW_vday--5The Fat Jew:
“I’d have the rosé bottle around his shoulder and he’d be drinking out of it with a straw. And I’d be kissing his back. I’m trying to sleep with Richard Branson, that’s kind of what I’m getting at. Has that not been made clear? That’s what I’ve been intimating. You said, “Have a drink with?” or “Have sex with?” They’re both Richard Branson.”
ADW_FatJew-013Dita Von Teese:
“I’ve definitely felt like I was in love but it was just infatuation. When you step out of it, actually, when I’m in it I can recognize the infatuation phase… which I love. It’s, again, that drug feeling. You’re not in love, you’re infatuated.”
adw_dvtedits-5983Iliza Shlesinger:
“I met [my fiancée] and there was no reach. There was no, “Oh, maybe I could be vegan for him.” It was just easy … I do this thing where I won’t sleep with someone on a first date, but I will invite them in and they can meet my dog. I can’t believe I’m admitting this… we fell asleep in my bed, it was like 4 a.m., we were shitcanned and we fell asleep holding each other. Right before we fell asleep, he said, “Where have you been?” I was like, “I’ve been dating the weirdest guys.” The next morning, he said, “Do you wanna hang out tonight?” That could be clingy but he took that chance and I said, ‘Totally.'”

This Valentine’s Day we took some of our friends advice and decided to love LOVE the best way we know how: cocktailing, eating & sleeping:

Valentine’s Day Dinner at Commons Club is uncommonly delicious.

Bubbles. All the bubbles. With every reservation made at Commons Club, our treat for you!
Drink Up

Book your stay throughout February and we’ll treat you to French Macaroons and a Split of Champagne. And Naturally, a late check-out.


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