Summer At Cerise Rooftop We’re Hiring

Summer At Cerise Rooftop We’re Hiring
Screw It, Let's Do It!
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By Virgin Hotels

Got cabin fever? Us too. Thankfully, it’s (almost) time for sunglasses, sparkling rose and warm weather as the doors re-open to our 26th floor oasis – Cerise Rooftop.

We’re looking for exceptional people to join our team for an unforgettable spring and summer overlooking the Chicago skyline. What makes us special? We’re glad you asked.


Our design, our people, our attitudes and experiences. Take the elevator up 26 stories and you’ll enter Cerise – our atypical indoor and outdoor space with remarkably crafted rooms and gardens. Not to mention a wraparound balcony perfect for plenty of #nofilter selfie opportunities. Eclectic cocktails, social snacks from Chef Moosah and weekly unique extravaganzas. We love what we do and we look good doing it.


Virgin is a human culture led by our hearts and our heads. We want talent that genuinely cares about people, experiences, the planet and profit. We’re authentic and approachable and everyone should go home feeling better because they learned something new or had a killer time working that day. We encourage our team to think for yourself, take risks and achieve more than anyone expects.


Naturally, we deliver red-hot experiences driven by our ‘give a damn!’ thinking and curiosity to say ‘why not?” And we throw in some playfulness and sense of fun for good measure. We love the adrenaline rush that comes from shaking things up.


We challenge convention, conformity and uniformity. We make money while we make a difference. We understand rules, yet we challenge ourselves to be bold, try new things and most importantly, HAVE FUN. The brave may not live forever but the cautious don’t live at all.

We’ll see you March 5 + 6. Dress to impress.

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