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Chicago neon and lenticular artist Lindsey Liss has been getting a lot of attention for both the messaging and delivery of her work. Fed up with the global issues around her, Liss has turned her artistic signature style into a call to action, pulling influence from pop culture, politics and people.

We sat down with her to get an inside peek about her work and upcoming installation – LIT – in Commons Club at Virgin Hotels Chicago this November.

VHC: How did you get your first break?
LL: I see myself beginning again and again with each project and sale. Break means end to me, I’m just getting started.


VHC: How would you describe your artwork?
LL: My art is playful, positive, breaks up the status quo and engages viewers. It’s hip with a playful spirit despite addressing the circumstances in which we are living today.

VHC: How would you interpret your artistic style?
LL: I use wordplay as commentary on popular and mass culture. I am inspired by music and the sages. It’s visual poetry.


VHC: What kind of materials do you use?
LL: I use largely repurposed materials including neon and old signs. I combined old objects to create new meanings.

VHC: Why is Virgin Hotels a good fit for your upcoming show? How did you pick the pieces?
LL: The Virgin brand is art! Art is for everyone and everything is art. The pieces chosen are hopeful, light, upbeat and cheeky.


VHC: What do you have planned for the year ahead?
LL: Expanding the reach of my work by growing globally, lots of partnerships and collaborations crossing multiple genres.


LIT is curated by Rob McKay, the co-owner of Connect Gallery. Connect Gallery merges community and culture by offering a space that inspires social innovation through art, and provokes the notion that art shouldn’t be isolated to the ‘sophisticate’ but experienced by a myriad of viewers.

From Kangols to Tuxedos – art is for everyone. –Rob McKay

Liss and McKay will kick off LIT with a free launch party November 9 at Commons Club. All art will be on display and for sale for six weeks.


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