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To say Lauren Asta has never met a wall she didn’t like is an understatement. As a prolific muralist, street artist, illustrator and all-around doodle dame, Asta’s charming cast of goofy characters woven together in ways that demand you take a closer look, can be found in cities across the United States. In Chicago, we’re lucky to have a number of Asta’s wonderfully wacky murals at our easy access that never fail to bring a big smile to our face (see below for locations). We are lucky here at Virgin Hotels Chicago to have Asta’s works displayed for a month in Commons Club.


Q: How did the collaboration with Virgin Hotels Chicago come about?

A: I was asked to showcase at the commons club earlier this winter and so happy it came to fruition this summer!


Q:Why was this something you wanted to do?

A: I’m always curious in new/different venues for my art. Showing at the Virgin Hotel seemed like an awesome adventure and an opportunity for new fans!


Q:How did you approach “Fresh Paint” and decide what pieces to include?

A: I wanted to do something bright and new and fresh. Also, knowing that the public viewing experience would be looking up at the art, I tried to create some larger faces for viewing ease.


Q: I love that your art is meant to inspire humor in the human experience. Was that always your inspiration?

A: It’s been my inspiration for as long as I can remember. Once I got wind that that’s what people really responded to and enjoyed, I haven’t looked back since.


Q: What do you like about public art?

A: I love that public art is essentially ‘free’ for anyone, regardless of race, status or gender, to enjoy. I love the public’s interaction and relationship with public art, too. It helps me grow as an artist.


Q: Why do you choose to take your art on the road so to speak?

A: If I stayed in one city making art for the rest of my life, I’m sure I’d be fine. But my traveling and making art pushes me as an artist and allows new eyes and new feedback, which in turn makes me an informed artist and in turn makes my art flourish.


Q: Where do your characters come from?

A: I think about this often. I really just think they are me.


Q: Why do you opt to create your art freestyle?

A: It’s so much fun! And it continues to test my skills and I love the process. When people say, ‘I can’t wait to see what it’s going to be!’ My answer is usually, ‘Me, too!’

Lauren Asta’s current Fresh Paint series is n display and available for purchase in Virgin Hotel’s Commons Club.

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