Chicago Hotel Suites Learn more and take a tour of our spacious Suites

Extra space, extra brilliant, and just a tad bit extra. Our Chicago hotel suites connect two Chamber rooms to expand your personal and communal playground to the level of mega sweet. If there were ever a proper time to say “YOLO” it would be for our Chicago suites, which offer the most comfortable hotel beds as well as the most space.

Chicago suite

If behind door number 1 the dressing room and door number 2, sleeping lounge wasn’t enough for you now we’ve got the addition of door number 3 the living room to enjoy.

Sir Richard's Flat

The flat offer a vibe of British aristocracy mixed with Chicago cool. Designed exclusively for Sir Richard Branson, the Rockstar Suite offers one-of-a-kind luxury accommodations in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Chicago Penthouse

Consider yourself in for a treat and enjoy our mega sweet, impeccably fabulous penthouse suite.