Chicago Hotel Suites

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Extra space, extra brilliant, and just a tad bit extra. Our Chicago hotel suites connect two Chamber rooms to expand your personal and communal playground to the level of mega sweet. If there were ever a proper time to say “YOLO” it would be for our Chicago suites, which offer the most comfortable hotel beds as well as the most space.

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Chicago suite

If behind door number 1 the dressing room and door number 2, sleeping lounge wasn’t enough for you now we’ve got the addition of door number 3 the living room to enjoy.

Sir Richard's Flat

The flat offer a vibe of British aristocracy mixed with Chicago cool. Designed exclusively for Sir Richard Branson, the Rockstar Suite offers one-of-a-kind luxury accommodations in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Chicago Penthouse

Consider yourself in for a treat and enjoy our mega sweet, impeccably fabulous penthouse suite.