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It’s official. You’re going nuts and for many it kind of feels like the end of the world, but it is not! The sense of going stir crazy from quarantining is starting to set in. You’ve finally realized that painting isn’t your thing, you’ve up to two walks a day and alphabetized your record collection. No one could have guessed that 2020 would be so unbelievably strange. However music is a great way of communicating, expressing and coping with the ongoing crisis. That’s why we’ve prepared three new playlist to help you through the many moods isolation can bring. We’re hopeful that better, happier days are ahead and soon we can all step outside and share some music together.

We were getting pretty excited to open up in Nashville, then this awful virus happened. So we are now soundtracking our Zoom happy hours with some of our favorite drinking songs that remind us of Nashville to fill the void.
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Drift through a quarantine reverie of the city’s early R&B and Rock and Roll scene in anticipation of our hotel opening in New Orleans next year.
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And when your living room becomes your covidisco, we put together the perfect quaratine dance machine playlist.
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