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Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs is a guiding principle behind every decision we make. So when it came time to build you an eco-friendly hotel in Downtown Dallas, our conscious is clean and green.

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Because doing good for people and planet is good for business.

Our founder, Sir Richard Branson, has created a strong foundation for us to be responsible to our planet, and has gathered like-minded people to put the promise “Change Business for Good” into action.

In turn, our leadership and staff have committed to improving the guest experience along with reducing our impact to the planet, adopting operations that will move us toward our goal of net zero; net zero carbon and net zero waste.

Sustainable Approach

  • Green Housekeeping

  • Promoting Walking Tourism

  • Hotel Wide Recycling

  • Green Roofs For Better Storm Water Management

  • Soap Donation
    Clean The World

  • Guest-Powered Carbon Offset Programs & Projects
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Our Carbon Footprint

Virgin Hotels will be reporting our carbon footprint based upon nightly room usage, via, HCMI (Hotel Carbon Management Initiative), an environmental monitoring system created by the WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council). Investment in Renewable Energy and related projects will reduce our carbon footprint in years to come.

Baked in Green Goodness

From hotel materials to employee mindsets, Virgin Hotel’s sustainability platform aims to meet the needs of today without compromising tomorrow. We believe in people and planet, and reflect that philosophy in our truly green recycling, efficiency, energy and air quality standards. Together with our guests, our five-point program can help create a new standard and better environment for all.

A Sustainability Conversation

Learn more about our approach to sustainability and the steps we’ve taken in our hotel to focus on the “Three P’s” to achieve our green-goals; People, Planet and Partners. Read our sustainability article.

Green Your Stay

We’re doing our best to reduce the carbon footprint each night of a guest’s stay, help us get there by neutralizing the remaining carbon footprint through a high quality carbon offset.  Select from a variety of ‘Green Your Stay‘ options when you book your stay and $1 per night will go towards the effort of your choice.  (*10% goes to The Carbon Accounting Company for administration fees)

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