FAQ: The Know X Virgin Red

What You Need to KNOW

How To Earn: 

  1. Sign up to Virgin Hotel’s personalised loyalty club, The Know, before your next booking.
  2. Book your stay directly with Virgin Hotels.
  3. The Know will email you a unique Virgin Points promo code within 7 working days after you’ve completed your stay.
  4. Enter the promo code in the Account section of the Virgin Red app or website. Your 2,000 Virgin Points will be added instantly to your Virgin Red account.

Which hotels can you earn Virgin Points on?
You can earn Virgin Points on Virgin Hotel stays in Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Nashville. New Orleans and New York City.

How many points do you earn?
You will earn 2,000 Virgin Points per each stay with Virgin Hotels, with bookings made via Virgin Hotels. You must also be a member of The Know. For New York City, you will earn double the points (4,000) per each stay through April 30th, 2023.

Do you have to be a member of both The Know and Virgin Red to earn points?
Yes – to receive Virgin Points, a Virgin Red member also has to sign up to The Know – which is the loyalty and preferences program for Virgin Hotels where they receive a personalized stay, member only rates , upgrades and so much more.

How does it work and how quickly will my points be credited?
Once the hotel stay has been completed, a promo code will be generated which will be sent to the member soon after. The member will then need to apply the promo code to their Virgin Red account to see the points credited instantly.

What happens when a guest is at the front desk checking in and signs up for The Know? In this case, booking might have already been made directly however they were not a Know Member prior to booking.
They would need to give the junction agent their new Know ID number and  email address associated with their account. They also must have booked directly with the hotel.

What if I am a Know Member checking in but am not already a member of Virgin Red – can I still redeem my points after my stay?
Yes but you must join Virgin Red first.

Once I receive my promo code, how do I connect it to my Virgin Red account to see the points?
You will receive an email 7 days after your stay with a voucher code. You will  input the voucher code from the email you receive from Virgin Hotels in your Account Tab on the Virgin Red app.

Can I redeem the points I receive with other participating Virgin companies?
You can redeem your points with any partner on the Virgin Red App, however redemptions for stays at Virgin Hotels will be coming in 2023.

If I did not receive my promo code and it has been more than 7 days –  who should I contact?
Email theknow@virginhotels.com with your email address associated with your Know account , Know member numbers, hotel you stayed and dates of stay.