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Meet Megan Abraham: the mastermind behind the bar at Commons Club San Francisco. We sat down with Megan to hear about her plans for PRIDE, what’s inspiring her this summer, and what it means to fit in with a crazy and creative crew at Virgin Hotels.

Megan Abraham lead bartender

What’s your favorite thing about PRIDE month in SF?

Overall, embracing the sentiment of “love is love” and giving a voice to those who at one time felt that they didn’t have one.

Tell us about the party scene this month.

One of my favorite quotes is “Don’t Crash the Party. Be the Party,” and I relish the idea that if you dress for a party your day will unlock one. What I love about PRIDE is that people come to the table ready to celebrate themselves and their love whether enjoying the market-fresh Bloody Mary Cart at brunch in Commons Club or dancing the night away in Everdene. Every day is a party at Virgin Hotels – so let your freak flag fly!

You created a special cocktail for Commons Club this June to celebrate PRIDE. What’s in it?

“God Save the Queens” is made predominantly with Commons Club Jefferson’s Small Batch Bourbon and, J’enwey Tea Co. Champagne and Berries Tea the idea being that the Whiskey represents us at Virgin and the tea symbolizes Romance/love – our support of Pride.   We made an epic syrup by steeping the peels of meyer lemons, limes and oranges in the tea with fresh  Lemon Verbena and pink peppercorn.  It all comes together with a touch of honey and fresh juice.   The garnish is Rainbow Boba for that little pop of something extra.  “God Save the Queens” is available  all month long in Commons Club. And sip with a clear conscious – 10% of proceeds go towards the SF LGBT Center.

Where did you get the inspiration for your special cocktail of the month, “God Save The Queens”?

My inspiration for “God Save the Queens” came from the story of how Virgin Records picked up the Sex Pistols and they were a band that Richard Branson knew would “shake up” the music industry. I have a big personality and spent the majority of my twenties creating unforgettable theatrics of dining – and I pride myself in curating transcendent culinary experiences for guests through food, beverage and hospitality. That being said, my “larger than life” approach has not always been the right fit as a bartender for other businesses but is totally working at Virgin Hotels. I am completely riveted by the team members at Virgin and am looking forward to shaking up the SF dining scene with Chef Adrian Garcia and our talented teams.

As someone who has always beaten to my own drum, Bubble Tea was something that comforted me during the pains of adolescence and I have many fond memories enjoying Boba and daydreaming of a world where I belonged.  Incorporating Boba into this PRIDE cocktail is nostalgic on a personal level and such a poignant example of how Virgin Hotels, Commons Club, and my peers in San Francisco are willing to make bold choices that are at once fun and impactful.

What other cocktail creations are you dreaming up for this spring-summer? 

I keep a journal with sketches of cocktails and one is a deconstructed pins colada served up in a martini glass with the majority of the glass filled with a pineapple daiquiri and topped with a coconut cream foam and garnished with a pineapple flower.  I also want to spend some time picking peaches and berries at local farms. I believe that the closer we get to the source of ingredients the greater our inspiration – and consequently – our cocktails will be!

Any hints on other new cocktails we can expect this summer?

A negroni with Cold Brew Coffee from the Funny Library Coffee Shop, and crushable refreshers for our Mezzanine Terrace Bar like a Lemondrop Riff with Peach and Elderflower.

We love crafting delicious beverages showcasing the best of the season and can’t wait to share them with you, cheers! xo, Megan

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