Ground Floor at Virgin Hotels Dallas
1445 Turtle Creek Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207

The Funny Library at Virgin Hotels Dallas

We’ve replaced the usual “Shhh’s!” of a traditional library with “Hahaha’s!” Come take a seat in this communal work space, pop open your laptop or grab a book off the shelf. Cozy up and enjoy a few belly laughs, then fill your belly with some delicious coffee, pastry, or some fresh and healthy lite bites. And if you laugh so hard you snort a little, we won’t judge you. Promise.

A truly great library contains
something in it to offend everyone.
– Jo Godwin



We proudly pour coffee by Laughing Man® the brand co-founded by actor Hugh Jackman. Laughing Man® coffee uses high quality beans supplied by Fair Trade coffee growers and supports farmers through the Laughing Man Foundation, empowering farmers and their families to help them improve their homes, access higher education and achieve their dreams.

Funny Library Quote
Funny Library Quote
The counter area of The Funny Library
The counter area of The Funny Library
Funny Library cup saying Hey!
Funny Library cup saying Shh!