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"Virgin Hotels plans to drill deeper by eliminating extra charges"

- The New York Times

"Realizing that many people actually work from their hotel beds, the Lounge Bed was optimized for sleeping and sitting"

- Fast Company

"Branson’s hotel had officially showed me—and the working women around me—a good time."

- Bloomberg News

"Virgin Hotel encourages a type of work-life balance in which business travelers can be productive while sipping on cocktails"

- Inc.

"Virgin’s First Hotel Got Rid of Everything We Hate About Hotels"

- Yahoo.com

"Virgin Hotels Chicago is an extension of their signature design-forward cheekiness"

- Departures

"Richard Branson is at it again, reinventing yet another wheel, this time it’s the hotel."

- Forbes

"The most memorable feature, however, is that the room feels surprisingly spacious, never cramped"

- Cool Hunting

"The jaw-dropper that will make you feel as though you're in a fancy hotel is the Commons Club"

- The Los Angeles Times
That face you make when he gets you roses and chocolates...again. Mix it up a little. We've got a #ValentinesDay jewelry & lingerie pop up tomorrow at 5pm, and a "Love Me Tinder" major dance party happening Saturday on @ceriserooftop with @stefanponce. 📷: @kirstenmiccoli

Heartfelt delights meet stimulating style at this charismatic Chicago hotel. Step inside and find your new favorite space—where the doors are never closed, and the minds are always open.