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Lucy Makes Things Happen

Ask for anything – extra pillows, laundry pick-ups, turndown service, valet – she’ll make it happen without you having to talk to anyone.

  • She Controls The Thermostat

    No need to get out of bed to adjust the heat or AC. Lucy's got your sensitive parts covered.

  • She Orders Room Service

    Browse the menu and order with a few taps. Order while you're out and come back to find a meal waiting for you.

  • She Books Your Stay

    Lucy has a space just for you. Reserve your chamber, adjust your booking, check in, and check out all with Lucy at your side. Or in your pocket.

  • She Keeps You In The Loop

    Lucy puts all of your hotel staff messages, happenings, and news all in one place, so you're always in the loop.

  • She Knows The Town

    Lucy is in with some of the most in-the-know locals, foodies, and socialites around. She'll help put that "Where should we go for dinner?" question to bed.

  • She Gets People Talking

    Lucy gives you special access to the Virgin Hotels chat board, where you can get recommendations from other guests, meet up, or make a new contact.

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