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John Kay's Book Club: Theme: Witches!

10 April in The Scarlet Lounge

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

John Kays Shop located on the top of Victoria Street is a publishing company that republishes classics that have a connection to Edinburgh. This quant shop sells a carefully curated range of second-hand and antique books. Each month Edinburgh locals and tourists alike are invited to join John Kays Book Club congregating at John Kays Shop at 6:30pm and venture over her to The Scarlet Lounge.

This month the discussion is literacy witches of all kinds. Whether your favourite fictional witches are from historical epics or high fantasy, The John Kays Book Club want to hear about them.


Find John Kays Book Shop:
8 Victoria Street Edinburgh EH1 2GH United Kingdom 
John Kay's Shop - Google Map

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