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Pet-Friendly Chambers

Party With Your Pooch

A little something for your furry friends. Our pet-friendly rooms are designed to make your pooch feel as pampered as you do, with dog beds as comfortable as the human ones and complimentary food and water dishes.

Everyone is welcomed with open arms in New Orleans, including your pets. That’s why we’ve packed our pet-friendly rooms full of special treats to get their tails wagging. Your BFF can expect ultra-comfy dog beds, complimentary food and water dishes, doggy-friendly snacks and their own Virgin Hotels bandana so they can parade down the street in style. Better yet, pets stay free. No size or breed restrictions. We just ask that you keep them on a leash while in public spaces. 

We can’t wait to welcome you and your four-legged best friend.

What is in it for fuzzy?

A pet-friendly chamber for you to make yourself at home

A dog bed as comfortable as your human’s

Food and water dish…and some treats, of course

A Virgin Hotels bandana for the stylish among us

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