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Meet Lucy™

Meet Lucy, Your Personal Virgin Hotels Chicago Assistant The Virgin Hotels App

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Lucy Makes Things Happen

Ask for anything – extra pillows, laundry pick-ups, turndown service, valet – she’ll make it happen without you having to talk to anyone.

Set your room temperature in your Chicago hotel room.
Order room service at our Chicago Hotels
Reserve your Chicago room with Lucy
Leave and receive message while at our Chicago hotel
Step Outside with a guide to downtown Chicago
Chat it up with the other Chicago hotel guests.
  • She Controls The Thermostat

    No need to get out of bed to adjust the heat or AC. Lucy's got your sensitive parts covered.

  • She Orders Room Service

    Browse the menu and order with a few taps. Order while you're out and come back to find a meal waiting for you.

  • She Books Your Stay

    Lucy has a space just for you. Reserve your chamber, adjust your booking, check in, and check out all with Lucy at your side. Or in your pocket.

  • She Keeps You In The Loop

    Lucy puts all of your hotel staff messages, happenings, and news all in one place, so you're always in the loop.

  • She Knows The Town

    Lucy is in with some of the most in-the-know locals, foodies, and socialites around. She'll help put that "Where should we go for dinner?" question to bed.

  • She Gets People Talking

    Lucy gives you special access to the Virgin Hotels chat board, where you can get recommendations from other guests, meet up, or make a new contact.

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