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Rooms To Make You Swoon

Our exclusive chambers have dedicated areas for living and sleeping, with discreet partition to separate them. Divide and conquer or open up and let the good times roll? You decide.

Chamber Double

Double the beds, double the fun. Ideal for families or friend groups, with two double beds, two vanities and two areas – the dressing room and the sleeping lounge – separated by privacy partitions. #SquadGoals.

Chamber King

The original chamber design, with all you need to recharge after a busy day. Expect the best bed ever – perfect for dreaming of your next adventure.

Grand Chamber Double

All the doubled-up features of our Grand Double, with 100 ft² of extra space for impromptu dance parties, storing shopping-spree spoils or just getting up to a little more mischief.

Grand Chamber King

The room with a whole lot of room. Our signature two-chamber design with a king size bed and twice the space of your typical city base. Go on. Have a grand old time.


Enormous living spaces with plenty of room and all the goodies you’d expect from a suite – plus some unexpected delights – right this way.

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