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3 Easy Ways To Switch Up Your Winter Coffee Ritual

By Liana Lozada

As temperatures drop and the seasons shift, so do our drinking habits. As a result, the iced coffee lovers among us might find themselves cozying to frothy lattes or afternoon drips. To help soften this taste transition, we tapped reps from our coffee purveyor, La Colombe, for simple tips on elevating or switching up our winter coffee-drinking rituals. 

Want more sweetness and body? Invest in a French press.

The French press is one of the easiest brewing methods, making it perfect for beginner brewers. A French press is a complete immersion method of brewing, meaning the coffee grounds are fully immersed and steeped in water. Complete immersion brewing tends to be a bit easier to brew, as it allows you to volumetrically “measure” the coffee and water in an immersion device. Full immersion brewing highlights the coffee bean’s inherent sweetness and body. Using a stainless steel filter allows non-dissolved solids and oils to pass through to the cup, heightening the body’s perception. This method doesn’t lessen the acidity present in the cup, but occasionally, it can slightly mute the flavor.  So if you want to bring out that sweetness and heighten the body of your favorite brew, try the French press.

Want to add more flavor or depth? Explore different sweeteners. 

Sugar is a classic sweetener, but people sometimes add honey to their coffee. Simple syrup dissolves easiest in coffee, while cinnamon adds dimension. You can also explore creamers or milk variations: For example, Oatmilk has a natural sweetness but also layers in a luscious texture. Try La Colombe’s new Oatmilk Salted Caramel Latte for inspiration. 

Want to enjoy your coffee but lessen your caffeine intake? Work in decaf or add water or ice. 

Adding ice to your coffee makes a flash brew. The water from the ice will dilute the coffee and caffeine level.

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