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Your 2022 Astrological Forecast

By Shayne Benowitz

After the unpredictable blur of the last 22 months (aka 2020 and 2021), we figured there’s no more reliable source to prophesy what 2022 has in store for us than the stars. So we turned to our favorite astrology sites to see what they forecast for the New Year.

“If 2021 was the year of change, get ready to experience more of that in the year ahead,” said Mary Bergner on “In 2022, we will experience more growth collectively, as well as at a personal level.”

Over on, astrologist Athena Antares said, “Life will be incredibly accelerated and the universe will require us to actualize our hopes and dreams to keep up with the challenges of a new era.”

Jupiter—a master at manifestation—will be in Pisces for most of the year revving up our ability to attract. This will be intensified by Jupiter’s rare conjunction with Neptune on April 12. “Together, this duo will bring back creativity, abundance, and compassion to our world,” says Antares.

The New Year begins with a Venus retrograde (goes direct on January 29) and ends with a Mars retrograde (October 30 to January 12), which emphasizes relationships and a deeper sense of connection. There will also be three Mercury retrogrades in 2022: January 14 to February 3, May 10 to June 3, and September 9 to October 2.

All we can say is buckle up for a wild ride—and let the stars be your guide. Scroll down to find your sign for a snippet of your 2022 horoscope.


You might develop an interest in some of life’s deeper mysteries in the New Year. A thirst for knowledge and life experiences fills you with wonder and adventure. Your sense of spirituality will be enhanced, so don’t hesitate to explore topics that spark your curiosity.


You’ll have a meeting with your destiny as the eclipses (solar April 30, lunar November 8) in your sign align you with a deeper sense of meaning. Growth comes from putting yourself in uncomfortable situations. The more you connect with people this year, the more your horizons will expand.


Your airy ability to adapt, adjust, and be ready with a witty comeback is what helps you thrive in all situations related to people this year. You’re exceptionally well spoken and able to debate with the best of them.


Life could be a dream for you this year. This will be especially true around April 12 when the rare Jupiter-Neptune meetup could ignite your interest in learning something new. Improving your surroundings is also on your agenda—the more beautiful your home, the more at home you feel.


The name of the game is transformation, Leo. Let go of your old self so a new version can emerge. It will be a busy year in terms of career. When life gets hectic, rely on your sense of spirituality. Dream big! You can reach some of your less easily obtainable goals by believing in yourself.


Dear Virgo, 2022 will not only change your mindset about life, but it will ask you to expand your horizons like never before. This might mean signing up for school, going on a big trip or interacting with interesting people. Your amazing attention to detail and ability to shut out distractions can lead to success and happiness.


You most likely experienced a few surprises in 2021—and in 2022, this trend will deepen as your eighth house of transformation gets activated by Uranus’ erratic influence. This is your year to prove that you’ve got what it takes to really succeed. Your relationships will also be a major focus, but be sure to look after your own needs too.


A completely new version of yourself starts brewing in 2022, Scorpio. Good thing you’re a master at reinvention. During the year ahead, fun, creativity, and inspiration will find you when you let go of what no longer serves you. New partnerships in romance and business will follow. You emit an alluring magnetism that’s impossible to ignore.


Life really is one big adventure for you most of the time, Sag. With your planetary ruler Jupiter strongly positioned in Pisces, you have all the cosmic help you need to make something big happen—but have a clear target. In 2022, growth, inspiration, and romance are at your fingertips.


You’re one of the most determined signs of the zodiac, Capricorn. In 2022, your ambitions are greater than ever. You’ll encounter people, places and opportunities that will help you get to your desired destination.


How attuned do you feel to your purpose, Aquarius? If you’re still figuring it out, not to worry as help is on the way. If you’re set on your path, karmic and unexpected forces will arrive to assist you in fulfilling it. A newer and more aligned version of yourself is here to stay.


This is your golden year, Pisces! With both of your planetary rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, having a rare meet-up in your sign, you’re about to receive all the cosmic blessings. You will experience growth in many different forms and your sense of spirituality will deepen greatly.

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